Sunday, December 31, 2006

Unpublished Nicholson.

and thanks for the memories.........
and another memory of Donald Rumsfeld, with the tyrant ,
16 months after the crime in Dujail for which Saddam was hung..........

Friday, December 29, 2006

New Years Resolution.

The guy has completely lost it.

The President says the American troops safety is always on his mind and that their welfare is a top priority. That is most reassuring.

"The troops, as we head into 2007, people always ask me about a new year's resolution, my resolution is that they'll be safe." His quote from here.

No George, that is not a resolution. It may be a 'wish' or a 'hope' but not a resolution. If you were to resolve not to say something dumb in '07 that would be a resolution but sadly an impossibility. A resolution could be made to bring the troops home before next Christmas. You could even work on simple sentence construction in the New Year, instead of making matters worse in Iraq.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Slipped through in the Silly Season.

It's official.............'bribes' are a 'tax deduction'.
Here's how it works.

1) Create a law."There should be no tax deduction for a bribe -thats my view ,and thats what we put into the law", Mr Costello said.

2) Set up an inquiry, like The Cole Report into AWB, that deems a bribe is actually a kickback.

3)Rely on Tax Department.
In a statement to the Stock Exchange yesterday, AWB said the Tax Office "accepts that for the reasons set out in the Cole inquiry report, payments made by AWB under the ... oil-for-food program do not constitute bribes to foreign public officials for the purposes of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997".

4)Pretend matters are out of your hands. (Sorry Pete, Mr Cole or the tax department are not the lawmakers, that's the role of the parliament.)
"Now I'm sorry, if a court finds or a royal commissioner finds something, whatever my personal view, that's the law." says Mr Costello.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Take that Bob Brown", says Eric.

The Federal Forestry Minister, Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz, says it's "ironic" that the Wielangta forests that have been the focus of 33 day legal case have been burnt by recent fires.

This follows a decision by The Federal Court in Tasmania which "formed the view that the relevant operations will be, and have been ,carried out otherwise than in accordance with the RFA."

The operations being those by Foresty Tasmania that even flouted the very limited safeguards in the present laws and declared open season on old growth forests.

Eric is saying that the court's findings - that Tasmania's Regional Forest Agreement is valid - is a win for the Government. That's true. It was part of Justice Marshalls' decision. The law is the law.

Senator Abetz says an appeal to the decision is being considered, but he can't see how it would affect other Australian logging regions. Why would you appeal a decision that has caught out a group that has broken the law that you created? Unless you didn't give a damn about the environment , enjoyed the fact that Wielangta had been damaged and were more interested in the Forestry industry above everything else. Maybe we are looking at schadenfreude rather than irony.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shark Attack at Winkie Pop!

For more, do not miss going here, wait a bit and here.

Update: That pathetic Premier Bracks has ruled out reprisal raids on all sharks in Victoria. The Shadow Minister for Sharks and Shockjocks has yet to respond to such an obvious lack of concern for the swimming public.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mr Fish says it All.

For Catch of the Day see.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Greens New Upper House Power.

Labor 19 seats
Libs 15 seats
Nats 2 seats
Greens 3 seats
DLP 1 seat

Final and complete results for Victorian 2006 election. An excellent result for Greens despite typical misleading bi-partisan attacks. Labor loses control of Upper House. Victoria may yet get an end to logging in water catchment areas.

And just in case you were wondering, the lone DLP member looks like this. Will Labor call upon him to pass legislation and incur the wrath of the older party faithful who see the DLP as "sectarian snakes"?

Steve Bracks deserves a pat on the back for introducing these real reforms to the Legislative Council that have finally come to fruition. Maybe there is a little bit of refineing to do around the edges but Victoria now has a far more democratic house. "The biggest changes in its 150 years history" is a fair boast and introduced by politicians knowing it would reduce their power. A minor miracle, you would have to say.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Saga continued...........

This link to a thread on Club Troppo (scroll to top to read 'A blogger the culprit' by Ken Parish) fills in a few details that some may have missed in the second and third episode of Maynelining Poison Dwarf. Two new characters have been introduced to the plot........ Kerr the younger and caustic bloghead who makes a guest appearance in comments.

While we are at it, I wish to mention the good foot work of the floor manager, seen in the picture, who was the real hero in episode one. His 'dance with the inebriated' was something to behold. If another individual deserves an apology/bravery award he does. Wrestling with aggressive drunks is always a brave call.

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Walkley , Two Murdoch 'journalists' and the role model Himself.

This is the brilliant photo that won a Walkley*.
Titled "A Windy Oakes Day" it was taken by Angela Wylie and was successful in the category of 'best daily life photography for 2006'. Reminds me of birds holding tight to a power line in a gale.

Not such a good look for two of Rupert Murdochs' employees after a tired and emotional moment by Glenn Milne in his ongoing feud with Stephen Mayne and matters in the ol' dart where Clive Goodman ended up in the courts.

Milne has apologised for his well known 'gaffe' * "Please accept this release as an apology to my esteemed colleagues, friends and family for the hurt and embarrassment caused by my actions at the Walkley Awards in Melbourne.I lamentably mixed alcohol and migraine medication with shocking consequences. I apologise too to Stephen Mayne and the organisers of the awards.There is no excuse for my behaviour." He has also inadvertently allowed a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the previously secret newspaper empire. Crikey reports today that his local boss said he "will not be patted on the back for what he did last night". Instead, he will be "disciplined internally which is a matter between myself and him" It has often been a bone of contention how writers and editors have been brought into the line by senior management. 'Boneing' is indeed believed to be the technique favoured by the competitive Packer apparachiks.

Found guilty of breaching the privacy of royalty ex-'News of the World Royal Editor', Clive Goodman, who has been suspended by the paper, apologised in court to the three members of the royal household staff concerned and their principals, princes William, Harry and Charles *. Andy Coulson, the paper's editor, said: "The News of the World will ... be making a substantial donation to charities of the Princes' choice."

A question ..... do common celebrity types get similarly well looked after by the legal system? Not so, police have no plans to press further charges. Despite the counter-terrorism group of Scotland Yard finding "that among those targeted were David Blunkett, while he was home secretary, the government minister David Miliband, the England and Portsmouth defender Sol Campbell, the editor of the Sun, Rebekah Wade, the Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes, the supermodel Elle Macpherson, and the publicist Max Clifford". Most interesting is that great excuse in "The Australian" ; everyone ("Voicemail snooping rife on Fleet Street") is hiring detectives these days and doing this sought of stuff.

Not to be outdone Mr Murdoch himself was out personally apologising "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project. We are very sorry for any pain that his has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson." * Its not flash to pay good ol' O.J.Simpson nearly two million pounds while going for what many saw as a tacky little rateings grabber. No doubt there.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sorting the Chaff from the AWB Scandal.

I came across these words from Gandhi who was commenting over at Road to Surfdom. Hope he doesn't mind me reproducing them because they cover matters very well, on the publication of the weighty Cole Report. Mr Cole is seen passing his work over to the Governor-General.

"Yet another shameful day for Australia. How many is that, folks? How many more must we endure? How many more CAN we endure, before we surrender whatever vision of “Australia” we ever held to?

Howard has found our nation’s weak point and he is exploiting it.

The Australian nation is in a dysfunctional relationship with a cheating partner. He promises her security and prosperity, but he cheats on her repeatedly and then he lies about it.

“Where were you last night, darling?”
“I was in bed with the AWB, but don’t worry - nothing happened. I promise…”

She knows he is lying, but she doesn’t dare to challenge him, not wholeheartedly. She is scared of confronting the horrible truth, and she dreads the consequences that must inevitably follow.

If our government knowingly breached the UN sanctions program against Iraq, even while millions of innocent Iraqi children were dying as a result of it; if our government then knowingly participated in a pre-planned war, in defiance of international law and the UN, to seize control of Iraq’s oil fields; if our government lied through its collective teeth to hide these facts and then, under international pressure, set up an anodyne enquiry to absolve itself of any guilt; if, with half a million or more Iraqis now dead and their entire country teetering on the precipice of bloody chaos, our Government continues to put its own survival ahead of any moral consideration; if all this and more is true, then we as a nation have lost our way, we are in the hands of mobsters, we are ruled by War Criminals in shiny suits, we are worse than a laughing stock because we have voted for these people again and again and again, even while we watched other people suffer the consequences of our poor judgement.

The desperate refugee children fished from our heaving seas, the suicidal children locked behind razor wires in desert detention centres, the charred corpses of bombed children with blackened, burned out bubbles where their eyes should be… These are the victims of our terrible misjudgement.

For the record, AWB shares went up following the report’s release."

We used to have Westminster principles of ministerial responsibilty and cabinet collective responsibility*. They have been trashed by he who claims to head a conservative government. Andrew Peacock proposed to resign in the 70's because his wife posed for Sheridan Sheets advertisements. Now we have ......"
A Guide on Key Elements of Ministerial Responsibility" that gives the PM's cabinet "a convenient get-out-of-jail when it comes to carrying the can for departmental stuff-ups.On the matter of accountability in ministerial relations with departments, the code hangs out the public servant to dry, not the minister." Terms of reference of the Cole Report provide a nice little extra buffer, as even the public servants have an escape clause from scrutiny and criminal investigation.

We used to have a media that would have tracked down these, at the very least, incompetent ministers. Instead we get headlines like "Cole report clears Govt"* . When clearly Mr Cole was not employed to investigate them. To find the truth we may well need American help or local litigation. Those AWB employees who are eventually charged may yet spill the beans, probably after ministers are beyond the electorates scrutiny. Still, they are showing immediate signs of being a bit testy. Beware Howard,Downer and Vaile you may not be off the hook yet.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Election Day Fever Pitch.

Victoria goes to the polls this sad day.
And for our choice we'll pay and we'll pay.

Is it big ted who owns the stock market, or bracksy the commie who'l make us his target?

No matter what,
our hearts will soon tremble.
Specially coz, the greenies dissemble.
A good show from them, will lead us to roon.
Our kiddies gay, pot, and 'darkside of the moon'.

No dams, no dams, how callous and cruel,
compulsory tofu , confiscated ute......
Attempts at a pee,
at you local comf ' station?
"Promise ya Mongrel,
will end in a root".

Who eva stands,
'fore this once mighty state,
and saying that he "will rule for us all",
proud and brimming and "thank you me mate"......

Just remember you bastard
close the front gate!

Exclusive EAJ poem.

" I'm a poet and I voet."

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Cock Crows Once?

We interrupt this blog for a party political message to Victorian voters from Bob Brown, the Australian Greens Leader and take the opportunity of wishing Justin Walker all the best in his bid for the seat of Prahran after a predictable smear campaign by Ruppys gutter press.

"Dear Voter

During the twenty years I knew him, Peter Garrett opposed uranium mining, the Pine Gap spy facility, logging of native forests and nuclear powered ships being allowed into Australian ports.

Not any more. He is now part of the Labor machine. This week in Melbourne Labor rolled out Peter to attack the Greens. That's because in this age of climate change the Greens' environment policies are rapidly attracting Labor and Liberal voters.

The Greens remain strong on the principles Peter once sang about.

In Victoria the Greens have preferenced Labor in 60 seats and the Liberals in none. In the others we are leaving it to the voters by having split tickets favouring neither Labor nor Liberal.

But now Labor's Peter Garrett has written to voters in key Melbourne seats falsely indicating that the Greens' pro Labor preference decision is in fact pro Liberal. This is brutal, Labor machine politics. Don't fall for it.

Labor's Peter Garrett is not Midnight Oil's Peter Garrett or the Australian Conservation Foundation's Peter Garrett. He is now an anti Greens campaigner.

Ignore him. Vote Green."

Bob Brown
Australian Greens Leader

For more information and comment please contact:
Ebony Bennett 0409 164 603
Dave Lane on (mob) 0419 156 213

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vale Big Bird.

For a little bit of the history of this most important event on the American calendar see this recent report in The Queens Gazette.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rodent away, Cool Pete Plays.

A meeting was held between Pete("call me Onano") Costello and Bono, thus averting a pop culture crisis. Not in any way intimidated by John Howards' dismissive attitude to rock stars,

" Some pop culture figures had openly criticised world leaders for their management of poverty and other issues. But I dont accept preconditions for discussions with anybody including that gentleman"

the treasurer has moved to calm the troubled waters because it would be "impolite" to do otherwise.

With the huge success of the G20 gig behind him - more pictures of violent protesters around, than you can shake a baton at - he knows that he is the man most relevant to the times. He's the cat who can hit the hot press buttons,

Mr Costello said the protest organisers must take "full responsibility". Further ," I dont think taxpayers want to support people who use their time inside this country to trash our country, to trash our city or trash our reputation".These "criminal thugs" should be punished.......... "we'll have to look at who these people are, whether in fact Australian citizens and what benefits they're getting".

beat his own drum, strum the 'right' strings and sing from the business council* songbook.
Reforming of the old band 'Dollar Suits' still seems unlikely. One group connection he has not dropped is 'H.R.Nicholls Society' *, a hot little combo , always stoked and a continuing strong influence. Speaking to a reporter from 'The Inslyders', pop guru Mollie Melodrama said, "he loves Petes work" but was scathing in his criticism of the PMs failure to meet with Bono seeing it as "culture gaffe he will be never get over".

Showing absolutely no concern, Mr Howard planned to visit yet another war memorial, which brings this years tally up to 35, one aid claimed. Speaking in his now usual hectoring tone for home consumption, from Vietnam, of the 18 Australians who died in the battle of Long Tan and the 50,000 Australians who served in The Vietnam War, he said.........

"They were appallingly treated by both people who supported and opposed the involvement in Vietnam at the time and I think it's one of the things of which this(sic) country should collectively feel quite embarrassed and ashamed".

He or his party would take no responsibilty or apologise for that involvement in an ill advised adventure or any other confrontation. In particular, the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses.

Exclusive E.A.J. newswire report.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unsatisfactory Fire Power?

Looking for a hangar to protect the missile?
People not noticeing what a big tool you are?
Sick of packing the cock in a sock?

Have we got the gonads covered for you, brother!
See link down under.


********** Special discount for budding young neo-cons., available now.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Anti-American".......... Who, us?

Prominent American philanthropist and manipulator, Rupert, 'the hun', Murdoch, has warned Australians to keep a lid on it. "You should know, by now, where your white bread is buttered", he told a hand picked group of sycophants in Sydney last night. Conceding that George Bush was a "complete idiot", "who wouldn't know how to do his own shoe laces up, if he ever wore them", it was important, that Australia kept "crawling" because there was too much to lose.

Prime Minister Howard welcomed Ruppys comments and explained that he was also attempting to change ships. Though he said it might be difficult in the short term, since he had, "moved so far up the Bush arse that it might be hard to extricate myself", in a timely manner before the next Australian election, "without poo on my face". He went on to point out that his involving Australia in the very unpopular war in Iraq, was the crowning achievement of his Prime Ministership. He had shown the population ,conclusively, that he "didn't give a fuck about their opinion" and only he is the one who is going to define 'terrorism' and 'democracy'.
If people didn't like it, they should "go and live in some crackpot commie dictatorship like Cuba and see how they like it", he went on to clarify.

Exclusive E.A.J. newswire report.

Monday, November 13, 2006

In the Name of Love. (Free David Hicks)

An international incident is in the making if a meeting between John Howard and Pope Bono fails to eventuate. Ever the politician to zoom in on the yoof vote -the 35 to 50 age group- the PM will not ,however, bow down to uppity pop stars who come into our country and think they can tell us something.

"I thought I heard him say that unless I am prepared to commit in advance to certain things there was no point in seeing me," Mr Howard said.

"Well, I don't commit in advance to businessmen and I certainly don't do it to high grade Irish entertainers."

Note well, those last four important words......"high grade Irish entertainers". There is still hope. He has not stopped crawling.
They have so much to share and John has found a spanking new website to interest the rock 'n' roll superstar.

Bono wishes to discuss the poor level of Australian foreign aid, which is currently only 0.3 of GDP. His wish is to have that increased to 0.7 ; not a big ask, one would have thought. More problematical is the stars expressed wish that David Hicks be freed from Guantanamo Bay. That would require the exercise of natural justice, in this case. Something that the ex-suburban lawyer, seems totally incable of understanding. He has said..........

"Because it was not a criminal offence at the time that the activity took place to train with Al Qaeda.............................

.........we do not intend to pass retrospective criminal laws. That would represent a very significant regressive move and it would violate the basis of our criminal justice system."

This bloke has been kept without trial for nearly five years by the Americans. Not making a big deal about THAT is 'regressive'. And if training with Al Queda was NOT an offence at that time, in Australia, bring him home. Remembering that it hasn't been established that he is guilty of the crime that wasn't one when he didn't commit it. Where is Rummy when you need him?

Go Bono and Amnesty International are running A PETITION on behalf of David Hicks to the P.M.......... and tanks to Ron and Susoz.

Those Wacky Greens!

Country Alliance, let the kelpe out of the kennel, way back in October, as The Vic Liberals tied up loose ends for the upcoming election, it would seem. Quoteing from The Liberals 'electronic newsletter', on their site, they made the following post, that is almost exactly(sic) as it appears.

" Libs start push against Greens

14 October 2006
The Liberals have commenced "The Watermelon Watch - The Greens: Green on the outside… pink in the middle"********* and are clearly sharpening their focus on the Greens.

We wonder if this might mean they will preference the Greens last, as have Country Alliance and the Nationals!
The following are headings from the latest Liberal electronic newsletter all of which are self-explanatory:

  • Greens policy to devatate Victorian economy;
  • Greens neglect transport in country Victoria;
  • Greens don't want coal, nuclear or wind energy;
  • Greens to supply addicts with heroin;
  • Greens to strip jobs and $130 million from economy; and
  • Greens to encourage drug use in prisons.
You've now heard from us about Greens policies, then from the Nationals and now from the Libs. We wait with interest to see what the ALP's views of the Greens policies are and where their preferences will flow. "

There we have it. An organised plan to distort and simplify the policies of the party that The Liberals see as the real threat. Pretty understandable that The Greens are last on their preferences list, ahead of Family First and every crackpot group, probably including Citizens Electoral Council . "Logical" was the word Antony Green used, on radio, given that they were running a 'smear' campaign.

Thanks to Broken Left Leg who posted,most interestingly, on the obscure parties, last Saturday ,November 11,06.

********* This is to indicate hilarious new conservative joke. Who said they can't do fruity humour with bite?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Gesture Politics®

Yesterday was difficult for John Howard as the implications of the U.S. mid term elections results filtered through to him and his hangers on. Clearly shaken, he moved from not providing free cervical cancer vaccinations for young women to guaranteeing them in the afternoon.*

Committed as he was 'to moving on' , 'going forward' and 'not being stuck in the past', he could not save himself himself from launching an all new , patent pending , branch of the horrible art. Get ready for it folks -----------we now have "Gesture Politics".

Donald Rumsfeld has been a great Orsralyan friend and his ol' buddy, George dubbya , only dismissed him just as 'gesture'. If you believe that , he also has a few suggestions about how you can keep your interest rates low and "I've been a greenie all along" and "some of my best friends are Muslim".

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why dont you all f-fade away ........*

"Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know."

The world is finally relieved of this wordsmiths service today, to fade away.

*Full lyrics.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Setback for Secret State plans.

A problem for Attorney-General Ruddock, was reported , with the allowance of , Scott Parkin , to access information from A.S.I.O. , concerning his alleged "security threat" status. A federal court judge deemed it was important for this individual to know why he had been targeted and disallowed entry to Australian shores. Mr Parkin , an American peace activist , was picked up by the security agency when travelling on a tourist visa , held in custody and deported to the U.S. for non-specified reasons. This probably does not mean the end of the matter as it is likely that our most senior legal eagle will attempt to deny any individuals most basic right, by attempting an appeal to a higher court.

"It's a fundamental principle of our law that if you are accused of something, that you're entitled to defend yourself............
And a part of being able to defend yourself is to know what you're being accused of . None of these people know what they're alleged to have done", said his lawyer , Anne Gooley, speaking of Parkin and two refugees who have been similarly treated. Now a Mr Sugar and Faisal have the right to know, as well.

The kafkaesque and "circular"nature of the mens situation was highlighted by Justice Ross Sundbergs comments. "It is, in effect, that because the applicants do not have the evidence they need, they therefore have no case, and so do not need that evidence," he said. This sought of stuff is total crap and should not be acceptable in any country that purports to be democratic. No problem with nameing people a "security threat". Just have the decency to tell them why and give them the opportunity to defend themselves.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

" Blurring the distinction between Church and State"
........... Since 2002

Monday, October 23, 2006

How do you define terrorism?

October 23rd is the day that Robert Cottage and David Jackson have a date at Burnley Crown Court , charged under the Explosive Substances Act of 1883 and remanded in custody around the 3rd of October 2006, according to very limited reports in the British media.

Mr Cottage is alleged to have been found with a huge amount of chemicals. According to local news "the 22 chemical components recovered by police are believed to be the largest haul ever found at a house in this country". Mr Jackson , a retired dentist , was claimed to be in possession of rocket launchers , chemicals , British National Party literature and a nuclear biological suit.

These two gents deserve a fair trial and protection from a media circus that might prejudice their case. What is extraordinary, in this instance, is the almost complete lack of coverage of what appears to be a massive threat to the general public. Mr Plod has assured all and sundry that "it is not a bomb making factory" and added that it was not related to terrorism.

Superintendent Neil Smith said , concerning Cottage , ...............
He's not a terrorist and it's not a bomb factory but we are interested in what we have seized from his house. It will take expert advice to establish exactly what he has got. He was arrested under the Explosives Act on suspicion of possessing chemical substances that aren't in themselves an offence to possess but if combined may be capable of making an explosion."

"Scuse me ossifer but who is it that makes this decision?", asks a fairly bewildered me. How come when two people are found with enough combined weaponry to cause massive damage , they are immediately ruled out as 'terrorists'? Afterall , prosecution lawyer Mrs Christiana Buchanan saw them as working towards "some kind of masterplan".

Since I first became aware of this case I have attempted to chase it via google , local British newspapers and major dailys. There are no reports in "The Independent" archives. In The Guardian , I came across this fragment from a diary by one Jon Henley on Oct 13 , 2006.

" An extensive search of our extensive archives has failed to find a single mention of this in any national daily. Furthermore , Mr John Reid has not , to our knowledge , appeared on our TV screens to enlighten us as to the terrifying extent of this new threat to our nation's security. Then again, no one involved was a Muslim. Arf arf. "

The two men charged have links to the BNP , despite attempts by the organisation to distance themselves . Cottage stood for a position on the local council as their representative. It looks a bit like British political masters have a definition of terrorism that only includes those parties that suit their purposes. How even the so called progressive media completely ignores this, is deeply disturbing. As a p.s. I thought there may be a report, somewhere, about the continuation of this court case but I am not holding my breath.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Not easy being Green.

Expose`s on recent "Four Corners" programs, particularly the episode titled "The A-team", have highlighted the dangers for any poor sod who takes their concerns for the natural environment seriously. Evidence seems to suggest a substantial coalition working very hard to squash greenie ambitions.

Out to get them are.................
1) The Exclusive Brethren,
2) Certain Large Companies,
3) All Major Parties,
4) Most Media Outlets.
5) P.R. spin doctors from Conservative Thinktanks.

The Exclusive Brethren are a religious group who shun the modern world, as they prepare for armageddon. While followers are exhorted to stay away from politics and voting , green groups are considered a fly in the ointment to a speedy afterlife transition. Apparently, the likes of George Bush and John Howard are critical to cataclysmic timing. In this context their leaders approve of an 'anything goes' approach to political advantage, against the enemy. Concurrently, Bob Brown is a natural target because he is gay. Secret Brethren are unashamedly homophobic and far from harmless as "Four Corners" transcript shows.
( Click on to the above E.B. election material for a closer look at their vicious handiwork.)

Amcor (now Paperlinks) and Gunn's are rep's of big business that attack the green groups in a worse than bully-like manner. The latter has used the 'slap lawsuit' to silence individual opinion. They have used their substantial financial clout to directly finance both major parties at the expense of forests and their guardians. Amcors so called "A team" went one step further to spying and infiltration , largly at company and shareholder expense.

The National Party, Liberal and Labor Party have varying degrees of hatred for Greens. The wink and the nod , effectively, from the coalition parties to their attack dogs, has seen questionable election material appear at critical points in the political cycle. Very effective branch stacking campaigns have seen the disenfranchising of an environmental voice within the Labor Party.

Most notable example of media demonising of the federal Green Party was that by "The Herald-Sun" before the last federal election. (Reports here and here) Gerald Mc Manus was severely reprimanded by his peers, "The Australian Press Council", for a grossly misleading article, that severely effected their chances of gaining an extra seat in the Senate and leading to effective control of that house by the Howard government. With a little bit of help from a preference deal between Family First and Labor , admittedly.

Astroturfers are out to get the Greenies. With help from individuals, groups and big business these organisations pose as environmentally concerned, but actually aim to undermine preservation of native bushland for their masters. A most interesting post on Lavatus Prodeo points the finger at ,"The Australian Environment Foundation", which looks like a pretty good example of what we are talking about.

It can easily be said that there are no problems with all this. After all, that's all part of Democracy. Sadly, liberal democracy is the real victim of this cosy cabal. Tactics used against the Green player are way 'out there' and blatantly antithetical to any organised form of political order. They are not just unfair, but reach to a frightening new low in behaviour. If they are not illegal they are mighty close to the bar. Besides that , we need more political players rather than less.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Willie do time?

All round singing legend, Willie Nelson, has been busted for possession of pot and magic mushies. Just back from canvassing for Kinky Friedman, in his bid for Texas Governor, Willie and members of his band plus sister, were pulled over by the Highway patrol. The most descriptive, probably fabricated,version of the moment of arrest goes like this..........

"When he investigated the source of loud music coming from a room at the rear of the bus, Officer Williams found Mr. Nelson, 73, of Spicewod, Texas, his sister Bobbie Nelson, 75, of Briarcliff, Texas, and Gates Moore, 54, of Austin, Texas, listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon while watching an old black-and-white version of The Wizard of Oz with the sound turned off. A large hubcap filled with marijuana was sitting in plain view on a coffee table in the room, next to a solar-powered vaporizer and a package of rolling papers with President Bush's picture and the words "Mission Accomplished" on each leaf.

Without missing a beat, our correspondent goes on to relate,..........

"At first Mr. Nelson thought I was one of the Village People," said Officer Williams. "When I asked him what that strong smell was, he said it was probably coming from a green crop of the biodiesel fuel the vehicle runs on."

This brings us to the latest passions driving this youngster at heart. Nelson has started a company called ' Bio Willie', which in no way relates to sexual preferences now, or in the past. The fact is, his touring bus runs on soy beans and he wants the rest of America to join him in the switch from oil. Further to that, he campaigns for the release of prisoners on minor drug charges clogging up penitentiaries. Indeed,it is possible that he will spend six months in the clink for this misdemeanor,he has been charged with. Though, this is apparently unlikely.

Scattered amongst the reports of his arrest is anecdotal evidence of the 'smokin' with willie' experience.
Witness Johnny Knoxville, who appeared in The Dukes of Hazzard with Mr. Nelson.
"That shit Willie smokes is strong enough to get you committed," Mr. Knoxville told Blender magazine. "I honestly don't see how he functions. He had a crew with him shooting a documentary, and one of the camera guys keeled over while filming."I had two hits off a blunt Willie was smoking when we were doing publicity for the movie, and I felt like I was on fucking acid. And I had to do interviews that day. I called him later to say, 'Thanks a lot, Willie. I was on fucking Mars for six hours.' Nothing could have made him happier."Or these words from
country artist Toby Keiths' tune, "Weed with Willie," in which he sings,

"Don't knock it `til you tried it, I tried it my friend, and I'll never smoke weed with Willie again."

Sounds very very scary. How priceless is this image of Willie and his big sister, busted in their seventies and growing old totally disgracefully? And sad for the fly, that's fallen from the wall, as it lies on its back, with it legs moving wildly.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

No, I'm the biggest asshole !

What can I say, except provide a link to Mr Fish who comes up with some of the best cartoons. Vale Mr Steve.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Run this up a Pole!

Some people are very touchy about flag burning. It seems that it is a definite 'no no' ...... almost akin to murder, in the depth of feeling that it arouses, for the righteously patriotic.

On the scale of things to be outraged about, it does not rate with me. Why should I care about a piece of cloth, when it mostly represents associations with a country miles away?

It gets kind of scary when Howard P.M. sees the importance of a flagpole in every school above the many other priorities of our public schools . A state leader of the opposition recently called for a flag on every taxi in New South Wales. To me, both plans seem like American things to do, that would make the majority of Australians, gasp, gag or giggle. Which leads me on to this story.

Four local New Philadelphian lads were caught up in what seems like a drunken/stoned prank; not that funny,destructive of other peoples property, but a 'prank' , never the less. They stole two flags and painted on obscenities , partially burnt them and returned to hang one of the flags upside down. Before Ohio judge, Linda A Kate, one defendant claimed they "didn't mean to be anti-American or anti-flag ............ we didn't think of it as a symbol." Yeh, right boys. Here's the rub. Apart from the penalty, they received a dressing down from the judge in these terms.....

“Do you understand there are countries in the world where people are rounded up by the government and put in metal boxes to die in the desert?” she asked. “You don’t have to worry about that because of the hundreds of men and women who have been willing to put their lives on the line. You think so little of their sacrifice that you would do this to amuse yourself?”

You have to admit it is pretty bewildering. I wonder if the police chief ,who was there to put in a good word for his SON, looked across at naughty Jaymes, in a knowing way, as if to say, "I told you so". When people in authority crap on like that, it is enough to make you want go out and burn a flag. But what about when it is O.K. to burn the cloth? In the picture above, veterans can be seen burning the flag on a special day. Flag Day, of course.

However, don't think you can get away with it, for arts sake, in the garden state. Victorian wallopers confiscated a flag that a local artist had 'fired up' for exhibition. They felt pretty sure a crime had been committed, but damn well couldn't figure out what it was. Mr Plod was forced to return the art work. Flagfall.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Compulsory Overtime.

One of the more bizarre industrial disputes, amongst the increasing number, is at Heinemann Electric company in Victoria. Fifty workers have been stood down for refusing to do overtime, in the lead up to negotiations, over a new enterprise agreement.

Having put in their ordinary forty hour week, management has refused to pay them, claiming it would be illegal to do so, because they had engaged in strike action. Failure to do overtime = strike action = no pay for work done.

Both John Howard and Kevin Andrews deny that it has anything to do with the new workplace laws. Indeed, this sought of action has been available for the last 10 years. It just has not been used before. How's that for reassurance? Isn't it still despicable that punters should lose there pay, just because they choose not to do overtime? Not so in the brave new world of boss rule.

I always imagined that overtime was something you CHOSE to do. You may negotiate away some of your precious leisure/rest time. According to the advice Heineman Electric have received from Freehills, the same legal company that helped the government draft its Workchoices legislation, it is now illegal not to do overtime.

The great graphic is by Doug Minkler. This and many others can be found here.

100 posts!

thankyou linespeople and ballpersons...................

Picture from this chap

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jeffs Busted.

In case you serial polygamists/polyandrists, don't know, your role model has been arrested.

Warren Jeffs, one of Americas 'most wanted', has finally been nabbed by authorities . This man has possibly married over fifty times. He claims that a chap should tie the knot, at least three times, if he wants to go to heaven. His position, post pearly gate, is very well established.

The history of Mormonism is a fascinating one. It has divided and separated many times; mostly over the issue of family relations. Battles with the law are not new, as seen in this picture of early Mormon leaders serving time for polygamy. A modern day polygamist relationship blog site paints a picture of 'with it' folks, who like to party. More can be found about child abuse ; particularly, when it comes from the now well-distanced Jeffs group.

Most interesting will be the reaction of the 10,000 members of Jeffs' Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, who have been subjected to a strict regime in a very isolated environment.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Off the Planet !

Pluto is in shock. He has been downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet. Our sympathy goes out to him. Still, it is a good excuse to listen to Eric Idle singing 'The Galaxy Song'. Words are also available to this classic.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nude Flying Anyone?

Over at Lavatus Prodeo a deep and meaningful discussion has broken out about the steps that might be necessary for travel security. Sample pictures can be found here. With a warning that these images might be offensive to those under forty-five.

photo attributed to Andre de Dienes.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Towards a One Party State.

Since gaining office, over ten years ago, the Howard government has not missed an opportunity to establish the Liberal Party as the only party. Concerning, was a change in legislation which closes the rolls, almost immediately, an election is called. The extraordinary use of community funds for expensive campaigns, on matters such as workforce "reform", are well known. Proposals to consolidate the press, into very few hands, are on the drawing board. These matters have been opposed by the Labor Party as dangerous to democracy.
One installment in establishing invincability, through an advertising war-chest, granted to lower house parliamentary members of both major parties, was achieved with bi-partisan support. While many of us think that the close shadowing of the Liberal Party by Labor already diminshes real choice, this new law is particularly obnoxious. Small parties and independents may well be further cut out of the loop. For more here.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to You.

Fidel Castro turned 80 yesterday. This is a picture released by 'Juventud Rebelde', the Cuban government newspaper, of the recovering leader. A few other pics can be found on this link. One has the old chap reading a recent paper to prove his survival. They look pretty convincing, though the population have been warned to expect a long convalescence, with possible setbacks. A inadequate translation of J.R. here. An english version of what is considered the Cuban Pravda, 'Granma', as unlikely as the name seems, is well worth a look.

Monday, August 07, 2006

No more loans,that's it..............

How is this? You lend the poms a 20 million dollar Van Gogh and they reckon it's a fake. Victoria is short of all those bucks because they say the work is too good for the master painter, at that stage in his development. I like 'Head of a Man' and will be happy to hang it on our wall, if nobody wants it anymore. See here for more details of this sad tale.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Westboro Baptist Church Sucks

Classified under 'fundy follies' and 'only in America', I draw your attention to the homophobe extreme. Members of Westboro Baptist Church are renowned for the tastelessness of their protests, based on a gay bash reading of the bible. Small children are called into service, carrying signs such as " God Hates Fags".
Their protests are common at the funerals of U.S. serviceman killed in action. All the deaths are, of course, the result of Gods wrath at homosexuality taking hold, in every 'nook and cranny that you can damn well find'.
The dad of one of the dead has taken on said godbotherers in the civil court. His son was gay. Info about that upcoming case can be found here.
Of the picture above? Found this while googling images for W.B.Church. There are many pictures of the hate filled loonies pushing their creepy brand of religion. Fortunately, I came across this great sendup titled "Rainbow Sheep Confuse Westboro Baptist Church".

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Surgical Bombing?

Since the offensive against Hezbollah and Lebanon began, Israel has claimed to have carefully "pinpointed targets"; indeed, "surgical strikes" is also an oft used term. The picture shows what happened to an ambulance with its clearly marked "Red Cross".
Reports, also, of an attack on a U.N. observer station with the deaths of four service personal. Again, clearly marked and well-known to Israelis troops. Meanwhile, the U.S. is fastracking munition supplies to help continue such handywork. Jesus wept!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Birthday to Blog.

We have reached our first year. Free tofu burger and chips available now. Blog began on July 19,05. with an action call from Brownie.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tell me about your Partner, Please

Ring Ring.......... Hello, I am doing a little survey that won't take long.
First question,

Is your partner female or male?

In what year was she born?

In what month was she born?

Are you married to her?

In which country was your partner born?

Were her parents born in Australia?

Is she currently in paid employment?

What's her occupation?

What's her highest educational qualification?

Is your partner married, never married or divorced?

How many times has your partner been married?

How old was she when she first got married?

Excluding yourself, with how many other partners has your partner had a live in relationship of six months or more?

How old was she when she first had a live in relationship?

Are you the parent of any children that are not living with you?

How many?

Starting with the oldest, can you tell me their age, sex and month of birth?

Is your partner also the parent of these children?

Is your partner the parent of any other children that are not living with you?

How many?

Starting with the oldest, can you tell me their age and sex?

Now some questions about your partner's health:-

In the last 12months has she smoked cigarettes?

In the last 12 months has she drunk any form of alcohol?

Would that be daily, weekly, or less often?

On a day that she had alcohol how many drinks would she usually have?

Has she used cannabis?

Does she have diabetes or high blood sugar?

Is she currently taking medication prescribed by a doctor for high blood pressure, for a heart condition, for depression?

Does she have a condition or disability that hinders her mobility?

Has she ever had surgery that has had an ongoing, negative or undesirable impact on her sexual activity for example a treatment for breast or bowel cancer?

Has your partner ever been pregnant?

Has she had a tubal ligation?

Has she had an ovary removed?

Has she had a hysterectomy?

Is she currently taking an oral contraceptive like the pill?

Is she currently using HRT or similar therapy?

Has she had a menstrual period in the last 12 months?

In the last 12 months with how many different females have you had any form of sexual experience?

Other than your partner who you live with, do you currently have a regular female sexual partner or partners?

The next questions are about your relationships with your live in partner:-

How old were you when this relationship began?

How old were you when you had sex with her for the first time?

How old were you when you first met?

Do you expect to be in this relationship in 12 months time?

Do you expect that she would have sex only with you?

Do you expect to have sex only with her?

Has she had any other sex partners in the last 12 months?

When was the last time you had sex with your live in partner?

How many times in the past four weeks have you had sex with her?

In the last 12 months have you had intercourse with her during her period?

The next few questions are about your last sexual experience with her:-

The last time you had sex with her did you kiss, cuddle or hug, stroke her body, perform oral sex on her?

Did you stimulate her vaginal area with your hand?

Have vaginal intercourse?

Did she stroke your body?

Did she perform oral sex on you?

Did she stimulate your penis with her hand?

Did she stimulate herself with her hand?

Did she have an orgasm?

The last time you had any sex with a female was it with her?

In the last 12 months have you engaged in swinging or partner swapping?

In the last 12 months has your partner injected drugs that were not prescribed for her?

Does your partner have a particular religion or faith?

What is your approximate family income before tax and other deductions?

This is the pilot questionaire that La Trobe University tested out on a few unsuspecting individuals. One victim of this gross invasion of privacy contacted ABC's Health Report to complain. Her boyfriend had answered the questions without her consent. The full transcript is available here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Costello Baits Rodent.

For more on the thrill of the week see

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Workplace Official Bullying.

The right to strike is an individuals basic perogative, in a democracy.That has gone now, as we move to an increasingly authoritarian state. Workers in W.A. have been charged under industrial laws and face crippling fines for the denial of their labour.
Newly appointed, one-eyed umpire, John Lloyd (Australian Building and Construction Commissioner), is picking on the little people because he can. The company they work for, would prefer this did not happen, because it will interfere with the bottom line. Even this makes no difference in big-brother Howards fear mongering campaign. A link to this sad first case can be found here.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pete calls kettle Black.

From 'cheeseworld', Peter McGauran launched a stinging attack against windfarms. According to the minister, they are a "complete fraud" and only exist on a "taxpayer subsidy". Is he sure he is not confusing them with his good self?

Thanks to Glen Watson for that cheesy piccie.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006

Surviving Global Warning Prank

Scott Parkin,U.S. citizen,was spirited out of this country on dubious grounds. Part of his 'form' included mockery of Haliburton and its roots. The famed , 'Yes Men', have emerged again in a media stunt that would undoubtedly lead to deportation, if they graced our shores again.
See media report link to get the gist of the stunt and second link is to their fake corporate site where you can see some great pics. Apology for recent post paucity.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Commonwealth Games Over.

What we have learned from this experience? Isle of Man has a very strange flag ,that deserves a gold medal.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rodney Croome has given advice.

Below is the message gay activist Rodney Croom gives on his site,in the wake of the Tasmanian election, to the LGBT community. I suggest his comments have wider application for people of a progressive bent generally. It relates to the challenge of 'The Brethren',in particular. His steps would apply to all fundamentalist scare -mongering , and major party complicity, as Victoria and N.S.W. head towards elections.

"So here’s my 13 steps to successfully meeting that challenge.1. Take note of anti-LGBT ads and fliers as soon as they appear, even if it’s in Mildura or Dubbo. It won’t be long before they appear in Prahan and Darlinghurst too. 2. Scrutinise these ads and fliers for anything approaching incitement to hatred and make official complaints accordingly.3. Discover whether the individuals authorising them are members of the Exclusive Brethren. If so, expose this to the media immediately (the longer the public has to absorb the message the better). Also ensure the media is aware of who the Brethren really are, particularly that they are not permitted to vote or participate in public debate. 4. Compare the Brethren election materials to Liberal election materials for any obvious similarities. 5. Watch Liberal Party leafleters carefully to see if they are also distributing Brethren materials (as has been alleged in Tasmania). 6. If there does appear to be a link, challenge the Liberal Party and high profile Liberal right wingers to declare whether they have had recent meetings with the Brethren and whether any of the issues dealt with in the ads and fliers were discussed at these meetings 7. Also, challenge the Liberal Party and high profile Liberal right wingers to declare, not only whether they have received money from the Brethren, but whether the Brethren have received money from them. 8. The fact that the ads and fliers will target a particular political party (probably the Greens, and possibly the Democrats and/or Labor) is not an excuse to ignore them. While they may cost the party at which they are aimed a few votes, they will cost the LGBT community much more. LGBT people who live in rural and regional areas are especially vulnerable to the fear and hate they incite.9. The fact that the ads and fliers will probably not determine the election outcome is also not a good reason to ignore them. Their poisoning of community attitudes will linger long after the election.10. Don’t rely on normally-supportive MPs from parties that aren’t targeted, to tackle anti-LGBT ads and fliers aimed at their electoral rivals. Anything which hurts opposing parties helps them.11. Don’t rely on the party that’s being targeted either. It will be ambivalent about directly engaging the Brethren on LGBT issues, particularly in rural areas. Its excuse will be that a response will give the Brethren oxygen, that it’d rather tackle LGBT issues proactively, or that it simply has bigger fish to fry.12. Ignore all the world-weary, inner-city, late-modern types who are charmed by the eccentric Amish-like anachronism of the Brethren. Behind the latter's rejection of modernity, their head scarves, and their “thees” and “thous”, is a serious engagement in some very contemporary social and political debates.13. Most of all, be prepared from some classic judo-activism, turning the energy of hate into something positive by having transgender advocates and same-sex couples ready to explain to all and sundry why equality and justice for sexual and gender minorities is crucial for happier and safer families and communities. There you have it: what we should have done, and what others still have the opportunity to do.As long as they start work now."

See Rodneys site here

Monday, March 20, 2006

Marijuana Candy

A major bust in California has come to our attention. Some enterprising capitalist caught manufacturing different flavoured cookies? 'Rasta Reece' pot tarts have been withdrawn from the market.

Friday, March 17, 2006

We Now Accept Advertising.

Eaj has decided to go for it.
Aunty is preparing for the inevitable.

'Audi' has proved Elvis still lives.
What more do you want?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Solidarity with Black G.S.T.*

As the queen swans in ,at everybodies expense, a small campsite has been set-up in 'Kings Domain', close to the governors house, in recognition of the original owners of this 'fab' real estate.

While the liz/2 ,enjoys our huge hospitality and devotion,can't help thinking that something is stinkin' in the land of oz.

* G.S.T.stands for Genocide,Sovereignty and Treaty .

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Judgement Day for Tony on Iraq ?

"If you have faith about these things then you realise that judgement is made by other people. If you believe in God, it's made by God as well."

Thus, spoke the little fella on Parky. Suspect he will be praying for something less public than the tyrant deposed in Iraq.

There were no weapons of mass-destruction. Repeat . There were no weapons of mass-destruction. And more of hell hole is Iraq ,since this devilish intervention.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wanted man and skipped Bail.

Beware people,
Jack Van Tongeren is on the run and looking for a 'safe house',tent or broad church.

This bloke has form and not big on mushi 'multiculturalism'. Which part of the Labor or liberal Party will this 'moderate' fit in?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Fuck better than a Wank?

The "New Scientist" and research has cum to our aid ,if you were wondering. Yes folks,relationships,surprisingly,are the way to go. Get your hand off your own organ and play with someone else's botty and insert. Then sex will be 400% better. Do people get paid to do this fine work? More, do researchers and subjects mix.

See report summary....