Thursday, April 26, 2007

Employers' Pandora's Box.

It may seem a mystery to many in Australia why Victoria is polling so heavily for Labor at this early stage in the electoral cycle. No surprise to me. Jeff Kennett was the first to introduce draconian workplace laws, on a very large scale; not only did they strand the so called "unskilled", to fight for a few, very poorly paid casual hours , at the 'extra salt mine with that?', it also forced them to plead for a 'top up' from Centrelink, as well. With all that that entails. Victorians really hate Workchoices because it is the natural continuation of this system gone federal. Some watched as old friends, neighbours and relatives slipped down the economic gurgler. It is starting to get much closer to the middle class home. The 100k, a year, position might be cut back by 25% this year and maybe the same again in another year, given the recent decision of The Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

Andrew Cruickshank, 42, was made redundant by the Priceline retail chain in November along with 31 other employees. His salary package totalled $101,000, made up of $75,000 salary, superannuation payments and a car. The job was subsequently readvertised, offering a salary package of up to $75,000. AIRC ruled that the grounds for sacking workers under Work Choices using "operational reasons" were much broader than the grounds that existed under the previous federal industrial legislation."

It just opens a Pandora's box," said Gary Pinchen industrial advocate for Cruickshank "Provided employers have got some economic need - and what firm hasn't? - to reduce costs or increase profits in a changing economic environment they can now terminate people and replace them for a marginal economic saving. "

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Best Video/Song Yet.

Robert Altman, who produced Nashville, would surely be appreciative of this work, if he were alive. I will not need to argue the point.
Classy, delicate and sensitive you must check this work out...........
Thanks to Alex.

More Peak than Iceberg.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday. So it goes".

Because I like fulfilling somebodies prophesies and I am a great fan of the mans' work. Thought this a reasonable tribute but maybe it was hidden in a bottom draw for this kind of sad moment. I really don't expect death would be any great surprise to the old anti-warhorse. And surprisingly not death by Drano ® .
P. Adams interview with Kurt is available here for listening only.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Encourage violence or brutality!

Yes folks it's perfectly acceptable. Alan Jones is to be left alone because everything he does is A , O.K. The media has, so far, barely taken notice of the fact that he has been caught, yet again. Even by themselves.
See ACMA media report here and Fairfax background.
The full report can be seen in this spot.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ken Henry, when ya gonna win?

I like the idea that the head of treasury is well qualified for the job. Not just that he is academically all over his subject of 'economics' but comes from a background where 'scarcity' meant more than the lack of a plasma television.
Alan Ramsey does a very fine profile of the number two Australian bureacrat, Ken Henry, who has somehow managed to maintain his position, when inferior political appointees are rising like dicks in a whorehouse.
Thankyou to Meagan for alerting many to the read.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Maundy Thursday under Workchoices.

Maundy Thursday under Workchoices.

Bonus .................William Blake, regressing, Special.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gunns at Head.

A new touchstone in business efficiency seems to have been achieved in Tasmania with the major logger , Gunns , moving into the business of drafting government legislation. This is a plan that will undoubtedly be applauded by all right minded individuals and think tanks. It has been far too clear, in recent times, that the interests of the voting public are standing in the way of the profit making ambitions of major companies.

Premier Lennons' new benchmark will undoubtedly spread through to all ministries and other states. Companies need merely frame appropriate legislation and fast track it through parliament. None of those fussy, old , hold ups about environmental issues, conflict of interest and health concerns. Or annoying politicians who get in the way of progress. They have fine legal teams that just get stymied by nit picking, long-haired, smelly, dole bludgers. Who gives a stuff about bloody trees, anyway, when they can be cleared and turned into sensible , right thinking newspapers?
And if they don't like it, Gunns have other lawyers to keep them engaged for the rest of their bloody lives. How could those bastards say bad things and eat into shareholder dividends, anyway? Damn it, sense is starting to prevail in this ungrateful hole of a 'country'. Soon to be called Corporation.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hicks Fix.

It did not take too long before American media cottoned on to the deal set up by Howard and Cheney to have David Hicks negated as an Australian election issue. Susan J. Crawford a civilian trial overseer will be the name talked about as the 'fixer' for old pals prepared to cut an arse saving deal.
Her direct overiding influence was a little bit much for even a seasoned war horse, Chief Prosecutor Morris Davis, who said that he wanted to thank Howard's government "for everything it had done to bring closure to the case".

Sunday, April 01, 2007

"The British are cunning" says Fish.

Mr Fish has come up with yet another goody. If you click on the picture you can read the words.

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