Monday, November 20, 2006

Rodent away, Cool Pete Plays.

A meeting was held between Pete("call me Onano") Costello and Bono, thus averting a pop culture crisis. Not in any way intimidated by John Howards' dismissive attitude to rock stars,

" Some pop culture figures had openly criticised world leaders for their management of poverty and other issues. But I dont accept preconditions for discussions with anybody including that gentleman"

the treasurer has moved to calm the troubled waters because it would be "impolite" to do otherwise.

With the huge success of the G20 gig behind him - more pictures of violent protesters around, than you can shake a baton at - he knows that he is the man most relevant to the times. He's the cat who can hit the hot press buttons,

Mr Costello said the protest organisers must take "full responsibility". Further ," I dont think taxpayers want to support people who use their time inside this country to trash our country, to trash our city or trash our reputation".These "criminal thugs" should be punished.......... "we'll have to look at who these people are, whether in fact Australian citizens and what benefits they're getting".

beat his own drum, strum the 'right' strings and sing from the business council* songbook.
Reforming of the old band 'Dollar Suits' still seems unlikely. One group connection he has not dropped is 'H.R.Nicholls Society' *, a hot little combo , always stoked and a continuing strong influence. Speaking to a reporter from 'The Inslyders', pop guru Mollie Melodrama said, "he loves Petes work" but was scathing in his criticism of the PMs failure to meet with Bono seeing it as "culture gaffe he will be never get over".

Showing absolutely no concern, Mr Howard planned to visit yet another war memorial, which brings this years tally up to 35, one aid claimed. Speaking in his now usual hectoring tone for home consumption, from Vietnam, of the 18 Australians who died in the battle of Long Tan and the 50,000 Australians who served in The Vietnam War, he said.........

"They were appallingly treated by both people who supported and opposed the involvement in Vietnam at the time and I think it's one of the things of which this(sic) country should collectively feel quite embarrassed and ashamed".

He or his party would take no responsibilty or apologise for that involvement in an ill advised adventure or any other confrontation. In particular, the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses.

Exclusive E.A.J. newswire report.

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