Thursday, August 03, 2006

Westboro Baptist Church Sucks

Classified under 'fundy follies' and 'only in America', I draw your attention to the homophobe extreme. Members of Westboro Baptist Church are renowned for the tastelessness of their protests, based on a gay bash reading of the bible. Small children are called into service, carrying signs such as " God Hates Fags".
Their protests are common at the funerals of U.S. serviceman killed in action. All the deaths are, of course, the result of Gods wrath at homosexuality taking hold, in every 'nook and cranny that you can damn well find'.
The dad of one of the dead has taken on said godbotherers in the civil court. His son was gay. Info about that upcoming case can be found here.
Of the picture above? Found this while googling images for W.B.Church. There are many pictures of the hate filled loonies pushing their creepy brand of religion. Fortunately, I came across this great sendup titled "Rainbow Sheep Confuse Westboro Baptist Church".

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