Monday, November 13, 2006

Those Wacky Greens!

Country Alliance, let the kelpe out of the kennel, way back in October, as The Vic Liberals tied up loose ends for the upcoming election, it would seem. Quoteing from The Liberals 'electronic newsletter', on their site, they made the following post, that is almost exactly(sic) as it appears.

" Libs start push against Greens

14 October 2006
The Liberals have commenced "The Watermelon Watch - The Greens: Green on the outside… pink in the middle"********* and are clearly sharpening their focus on the Greens.

We wonder if this might mean they will preference the Greens last, as have Country Alliance and the Nationals!
The following are headings from the latest Liberal electronic newsletter all of which are self-explanatory:

  • Greens policy to devatate Victorian economy;
  • Greens neglect transport in country Victoria;
  • Greens don't want coal, nuclear or wind energy;
  • Greens to supply addicts with heroin;
  • Greens to strip jobs and $130 million from economy; and
  • Greens to encourage drug use in prisons.
You've now heard from us about Greens policies, then from the Nationals and now from the Libs. We wait with interest to see what the ALP's views of the Greens policies are and where their preferences will flow. "

There we have it. An organised plan to distort and simplify the policies of the party that The Liberals see as the real threat. Pretty understandable that The Greens are last on their preferences list, ahead of Family First and every crackpot group, probably including Citizens Electoral Council . "Logical" was the word Antony Green used, on radio, given that they were running a 'smear' campaign.

Thanks to Broken Left Leg who posted,most interestingly, on the obscure parties, last Saturday ,November 11,06.

********* This is to indicate hilarious new conservative joke. Who said they can't do fruity humour with bite?


brokenleg said...

I actually know one of the Country Alliance candidates. Di-did-lear-dear-dear-dear-dear, dear...deaaaar.

joe2 said...

Is his name Bluey? I might know him too.