Thursday, June 28, 2007

Widow Given Shit Deal !

The 'little paper' lives up to it's reputation, by publishing this report on page 11 , June 28th, 07 .

By way of a 'not really' apology.... it is all in the 3rd person. Considering that the paper had run reports of a surburban lawyers' death on, the front page, with suggestions of underworld connections.

You will need to click on the 'cut out' to make it readable.

The Australian Press Council, yesterday, made a ruling against, "The Paper of the Year 2005-6."

See adjudication 1361 and you would have to say that self regulation of the media is not working.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Howard's National Emergency.

John Howard's National Emergency call , on the plight of aboriginal communities is most concerning. I involved myself in a little bit of discussion at Anonymous Lefty and later at Lavatus Prodeo on the subject. Personally, I have little doubt that our PM has shamelessly run, with a report commissioned by the Northern Territory Government, for a purely political purpose.
I do not believe his motives are pure, but more about latching onto a motherhood issue, to wedge Labor , as we move closer to an election. Who would not be appalled by paedophile activity in any community, regardless of race, colour or religion? Howard has had well over ten years to improve the situation for indigenous people. He has systematically destroyed whatever leadership mechanisms they had, and actually withdrawn funds for basic services and infrastructure, over that time.
It is a big ask to believe that he has finally seen the error of his ways, as even now, he merely talks of symptoms, that need to be eradicated rather than the basic causes of problems. He found his ammunition and has declared another war.... now that a war on drugs , war on terrorism, war on asylum seekers lack quite the emotional bite.

As I responded to a Megami' request, in my comments, at L.P. “Can someone please elaborate on the Army claim in this?” Megami, when you declare Teh “National Emergency”, you need soldiers. Hell, you just “need them”. This is the new “War on Black Paedophile Rings”. Navy would be involved but some uncertainty as to the depth of Todd River. Brough, busy checking. Howard has his target audience in mind and knows how to bullshit them.
Other comments I made at L.P......
I am quite concerned about intentions. Given that the plans seem to have the potential to make the situation worse for all, NT, aboriginals. All families are to be treated, the same, whether they are involved in what is considered 'bad behaviour' or not. There are no rewards, but punishment in the form of suspended welfare payments and various other increased living expenses. No funding for improved education or health. Just the threat of medical examinations for all youngsters regardless of their parents wishes.
To top it off, they lose control over who may enter their lands. Can you imagine how pastoralists and miners would like their rights of control prohibited? The intention I believe is less about allowing “transparency” but more about providing a good excuse to open up areas for tourism and mining development for white carpetbaggers.

UPDATE Mutitjulu community leaders: please listen to us
I just caught up with this plea from Mutitjulu leaders Dorothea and Bob Randall , that Crikey published. This is the first community to be seized under Howard's National Emergency, probably, because it is closest to suitable accommodation for politicians, embedded journalists and bureacrats, before the army sets up 'on site', digs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

libs lurch further to the right

Liberal preselection, for the blue ribbon federal Sydney seat of Mitchell, has been completed , with the election of Alex Hawke. He is a 30 year old, Anglican with strong Hillsong affiliations, defeating David Elliot, a hotels industry lobbyist , securing 81 of 107 votes.

“This process of labelling people just because they’re Christian and because they’re socially conservative as extreme is something that I regard as unfair and particularly nasty,” he said in response to earlier comments made by Anthony Albanese, who branded him as an "extremist".

Hawke is a former staffer for the most prominent Christian right-wing NSW Liberal MP, David Clarke, and has previously worked for federal right-wingers Ross Cameron and Helen Coonan. They had worked together to build a conservative religious network within the party and end the small 'l', long held control.

In his maiden speech in 2003, his mentor, Clarke, promised to “uphold and advocate the conservative, mainstream and Christian-based truths and values that I believe our nation is based upon … with missionary zeal”. As Chloe Hooper, in a 2005 issue of Monthly, wrote and then continued... "this has included hot-housing young religious conservatives. The NSW Young Liberals were long considered the jewel in the moderate Liberal crown but, as one young New South Welshman tells me, Clarke “kind of got people together to take over”. With Clarke’s support, recruiting from organisations such as the secretive catholic Opus Dei movement, the NSW Young Liberals now have the largest membership base of all the states."

Mr Brogden, former leader of the NSW liberal leader, claimed his downfall was partly related to the behind the scenes work of conservative forces, particularly Hawke. He was regarded as too socially liberal, on issues such as republicanism, abortion, heroin injecting rooms and homosexuality.

Hawkes' precocious rise to power may well consign the Liberal Party to many years in the wilderness or, Australia, permanently, to the style of the religous right , that the libs are becoming infamous for. A sought of merger between church and state that will gladden the hearts of George Pell, et al.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Intelligent Design Proof 11

Just in case there is still a little smear of doubt , amongst the few sinners left, put this on your toast and eat it. Chuck Missler is very convincing on the subject. Hit peanut butter and praise the lord.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Intelligent Design Proof.

Today we present conclusive proof of intelligent design at EAT AT JOES.
With the help of a clever little Kiwi evangelist , now residing stateside, the aim is to stick it to atheists and agnostics who need to allow themselves the opportunity of catching up with a few of the facts about their creation. The lesson requires following this prompt to the utube link and then accepting the simple and obvious logic of the preachers doin' the teachin'. Praise the Lord.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Spot on, St Paul.

PAUL KEATING: "Basically keep unions, look, any Labor Party that turns its back on a collective group of people is no Labor Party at all.
But that doesn't mean to say they have to become apologists for lolling about.
I mean you take the instance, the liquor allied entertainment restaurants, entertainment industry in this country since the '80s.
It's been massive.
Unionisation hasn't happened.
There's some of it there, basically hasn't happened.

From here .......

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Could have Fooled Me.


And After.........................

Tony, we hardly knew ya.

That Zorba the Crook look is perfect. "Oh look , not suspicious at all, another tubby bastard with a bad wig".

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Right is Right.

I know this is already a popular piccie around the blogs, but I could not resist it, either. For a start, it makes me laugh. Apart from the obvious joke about the slogan couldn't disagree that Howard and co are right wing and plan to take it further. Ha ha. Look at that facial expression. No sign of arrogance there. Guess who just swallowed the latest Galaxy Poll?
Let's start with last Fridays Roy Morgan Poll.
"A recent telephone Morgan Poll finds that 57% of Australian electors think Australia is “heading in the right direction”, while 32% think Australia is “heading in the wrong direction” (11% can’t say).
Eighty-four per cent of those who intend to vote for the Coalition Government at the upcoming election think Australia is heading the right direction, compared to just 43% of ALP supporters. Forty-six per cent of ALP supporters think Australia is heading in the wrong direction compared to just 7% of Coalition supporters."

How's that for coincidence? Rodent appears behind a slogan based largely on a poll question.

The Galaxy poll result is the most encouraging sign that the Liberals have had for ages. It's a big jump in popularity and helped rouse the troops at the weekend Liberal Party National Council. If you wish to see the way the questions are framed, for this poll, see here. I'ts worth remembering who commissioned this work. There is no independent motive. In fact it reeks of a tool to help swing things back in the right direction.

The great photo is by Peter Morris. For other blogs with this picture or on this topic see.....Bilegrip, Anonymous Lefty and Broken Left Leg.