Friday, October 06, 2006

Not easy being Green.

Expose`s on recent "Four Corners" programs, particularly the episode titled "The A-team", have highlighted the dangers for any poor sod who takes their concerns for the natural environment seriously. Evidence seems to suggest a substantial coalition working very hard to squash greenie ambitions.

Out to get them are.................
1) The Exclusive Brethren,
2) Certain Large Companies,
3) All Major Parties,
4) Most Media Outlets.
5) P.R. spin doctors from Conservative Thinktanks.

The Exclusive Brethren are a religious group who shun the modern world, as they prepare for armageddon. While followers are exhorted to stay away from politics and voting , green groups are considered a fly in the ointment to a speedy afterlife transition. Apparently, the likes of George Bush and John Howard are critical to cataclysmic timing. In this context their leaders approve of an 'anything goes' approach to political advantage, against the enemy. Concurrently, Bob Brown is a natural target because he is gay. Secret Brethren are unashamedly homophobic and far from harmless as "Four Corners" transcript shows.
( Click on to the above E.B. election material for a closer look at their vicious handiwork.)

Amcor (now Paperlinks) and Gunn's are rep's of big business that attack the green groups in a worse than bully-like manner. The latter has used the 'slap lawsuit' to silence individual opinion. They have used their substantial financial clout to directly finance both major parties at the expense of forests and their guardians. Amcors so called "A team" went one step further to spying and infiltration , largly at company and shareholder expense.

The National Party, Liberal and Labor Party have varying degrees of hatred for Greens. The wink and the nod , effectively, from the coalition parties to their attack dogs, has seen questionable election material appear at critical points in the political cycle. Very effective branch stacking campaigns have seen the disenfranchising of an environmental voice within the Labor Party.

Most notable example of media demonising of the federal Green Party was that by "The Herald-Sun" before the last federal election. (Reports here and here) Gerald Mc Manus was severely reprimanded by his peers, "The Australian Press Council", for a grossly misleading article, that severely effected their chances of gaining an extra seat in the Senate and leading to effective control of that house by the Howard government. With a little bit of help from a preference deal between Family First and Labor , admittedly.

Astroturfers are out to get the Greenies. With help from individuals, groups and big business these organisations pose as environmentally concerned, but actually aim to undermine preservation of native bushland for their masters. A most interesting post on Lavatus Prodeo points the finger at ,"The Australian Environment Foundation", which looks like a pretty good example of what we are talking about.

It can easily be said that there are no problems with all this. After all, that's all part of Democracy. Sadly, liberal democracy is the real victim of this cosy cabal. Tactics used against the Green player are way 'out there' and blatantly antithetical to any organised form of political order. They are not just unfair, but reach to a frightening new low in behaviour. If they are not illegal they are mighty close to the bar. Besides that , we need more political players rather than less.


Arthur_Vandelay said...

And unfortunately, under the ABC's new editorial guidelines, exposing any of this stuff is now tantamount to "bias."

joe2 said...

Yes Arthur, we rely on Aunty for most of this stuff to be exposed. Newspapers and commercial tele tend to be part of the prob, rather than the solution.I suspect that the older hands at the ABC will not be too concerned. The new people employed will take the safe,unquestioning road, or 'Michael Dufferlike' from the beginning.