Friday, November 03, 2006

Setback for Secret State plans.

A problem for Attorney-General Ruddock, was reported , with the allowance of , Scott Parkin , to access information from A.S.I.O. , concerning his alleged "security threat" status. A federal court judge deemed it was important for this individual to know why he had been targeted and disallowed entry to Australian shores. Mr Parkin , an American peace activist , was picked up by the security agency when travelling on a tourist visa , held in custody and deported to the U.S. for non-specified reasons. This probably does not mean the end of the matter as it is likely that our most senior legal eagle will attempt to deny any individuals most basic right, by attempting an appeal to a higher court.

"It's a fundamental principle of our law that if you are accused of something, that you're entitled to defend yourself............
And a part of being able to defend yourself is to know what you're being accused of . None of these people know what they're alleged to have done", said his lawyer , Anne Gooley, speaking of Parkin and two refugees who have been similarly treated. Now a Mr Sugar and Faisal have the right to know, as well.

The kafkaesque and "circular"nature of the mens situation was highlighted by Justice Ross Sundbergs comments. "It is, in effect, that because the applicants do not have the evidence they need, they therefore have no case, and so do not need that evidence," he said. This sought of stuff is total crap and should not be acceptable in any country that purports to be democratic. No problem with nameing people a "security threat". Just have the decency to tell them why and give them the opportunity to defend themselves.


brokenleg said...

I heard Parkin went to see "the glasshouse" being made.
Hence the deportation.

joe2 said...

That makes sense. He probably watched SBS news, as well. A good reason to turn that station into sports only.