Friday, September 30, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sun Set's On Democracy

See, Steve Bracks saying(from left to right), " I love democracy so much,we should give it a go again, in 10 years". Gallop says,"go stevie".
Chief Minister, of Australian Capital Territory, wonders why Paul Lennon makes such bad music now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

According to the Queensland premier, we are about to introduce laws that are "draconian" , in his words ,in the ongoing war on terrorism. Still ,he will be prepared to pass them ,anyway. The only bright spot is John Stanhope ,representing the national territory, who doubts that they are needed at all.
Guambat stew put the situation of Scott Parkin,most well, here A Canberra writer, Chas Savage, mentioned his case in a wider context on Auntys' "Perspective", a great 5 min soapbox. See here The point he makes , so brilliantly , is that , without proper checks and balances, we are passing over our civil rights to fairly unaccountable politicians and a secret police ,who are only accountable to them.
All the ingredients for a police state.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Unaccountable Secret Police?

I have posted around the Blogosphere,in Australia, about the case of Scott Parkin. A political peace ,activist from Houston,Texas, who visited this country and was deported as a threat to national security. It was leaked through a national paper that he had been involved in behaviour that sounds far from peacefull.

My concern relates to the 'secrecy' of his case, in what I imagined was a democracy. Attourney-general Ruddock refused to tell us why this bloke was picked up, put in solitary confinement and asked to pay around 8,000 dollars for the experience.

Then came a leak from Greg Sheridan of The Australian. Allegations totally denied by Parkin and associates. He is deemed a foreigner and not worthy of a fair go. Due process is falling down in this country. This is not the first case, but indicative of a lock up without law mentality and SECRECY. I believe we are moving towards a police state. With the sad compliance of the Labor Party.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mark Texter focus groups.

Apology ,the guy who is helping "The Nationals", in N.Z., is Mark Texter.

Exclusive Brethren

I have finally found the name of the group that has put out pamphlets in New Zealand election campaign, without required authorisation. Apparently, they have spent a large amount of money in a scare tactic against Kiwi Greens.
Stuff like legalisation of dope for kids etc etc. Smears, that sound very similar to the tactics of Family First in recent Australian election. Nationals claim Linton Crosby has played, no part ,in their electoral strategy but a chap called Dexter has helped. Amazing!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Zealand Cooking.

Recipe for an electoral win?

Apparently, a group called ,something like, "the brethren" are spending lots of money to get rid of Labor. It is a business group that has recently been formed.

Meat for all.
Greens are bad for you.
Add Linton on all.

This is a recipe that worked well in OZ but fails in U.K.
Will it work over the Tasman Sea?

Monday, September 12, 2005

eat at joes

Recipe for Cannibal Soup.

I5 cans of organic tomatoes 4oo grams.
8 onions,2 whole celery and 22 large peeled carrots.
Rough cut and brown off in large pot.

1 or 2 young missionaries, well marinated in garlic in ginger.

The rest is up to you,but it will prove popular with neighbours and friends! Mmmmmmmmmm.

eat at joes

Thanks for comments Brownie. I have taken the hint and will begin to post. I needed to set up as a blog site so i could go on other sites that require it and have lots of traffic. Otherwise i might be talking to myself which i do regularly, anyway. Suki is great.