Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Take that Bob Brown", says Eric.

The Federal Forestry Minister, Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz, says it's "ironic" that the Wielangta forests that have been the focus of 33 day legal case have been burnt by recent fires.

This follows a decision by The Federal Court in Tasmania which "formed the view that the relevant operations will be, and have been ,carried out otherwise than in accordance with the RFA."

The operations being those by Foresty Tasmania that even flouted the very limited safeguards in the present laws and declared open season on old growth forests.

Eric is saying that the court's findings - that Tasmania's Regional Forest Agreement is valid - is a win for the Government. That's true. It was part of Justice Marshalls' decision. The law is the law.

Senator Abetz says an appeal to the decision is being considered, but he can't see how it would affect other Australian logging regions. Why would you appeal a decision that has caught out a group that has broken the law that you created? Unless you didn't give a damn about the environment , enjoyed the fact that Wielangta had been damaged and were more interested in the Forestry industry above everything else. Maybe we are looking at schadenfreude rather than irony.

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