Friday, August 18, 2006

Towards a One Party State.

Since gaining office, over ten years ago, the Howard government has not missed an opportunity to establish the Liberal Party as the only party. Concerning, was a change in legislation which closes the rolls, almost immediately, an election is called. The extraordinary use of community funds for expensive campaigns, on matters such as workforce "reform", are well known. Proposals to consolidate the press, into very few hands, are on the drawing board. These matters have been opposed by the Labor Party as dangerous to democracy.
One installment in establishing invincability, through an advertising war-chest, granted to lower house parliamentary members of both major parties, was achieved with bi-partisan support. While many of us think that the close shadowing of the Liberal Party by Labor already diminshes real choice, this new law is particularly obnoxious. Small parties and independents may well be further cut out of the loop. For more here.

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