Saturday, November 25, 2006

Election Day Fever Pitch.

Victoria goes to the polls this sad day.
And for our choice we'll pay and we'll pay.

Is it big ted who owns the stock market, or bracksy the commie who'l make us his target?

No matter what,
our hearts will soon tremble.
Specially coz, the greenies dissemble.
A good show from them, will lead us to roon.
Our kiddies gay, pot, and 'darkside of the moon'.

No dams, no dams, how callous and cruel,
compulsory tofu , confiscated ute......
Attempts at a pee,
at you local comf ' station?
"Promise ya Mongrel,
will end in a root".

Who eva stands,
'fore this once mighty state,
and saying that he "will rule for us all",
proud and brimming and "thank you me mate"......

Just remember you bastard
close the front gate!

Exclusive EAJ poem.

" I'm a poet and I voet."

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