Monday, March 13, 2006

Solidarity with Black G.S.T.*

As the queen swans in ,at everybodies expense, a small campsite has been set-up in 'Kings Domain', close to the governors house, in recognition of the original owners of this 'fab' real estate.

While the liz/2 ,enjoys our huge hospitality and devotion,can't help thinking that something is stinkin' in the land of oz.

* G.S.T.stands for Genocide,Sovereignty and Treaty .


Iain said...

What ever the injustices of the past it is the future that is important and all of this poor, poor pitiful me stuff is not going to help one young person stop burning their brains out sniffing petrol, stop one person drinking them selves into an early grave, stop one woman from living in fear that her partner may beat her or abuse her children.
Time for the indiginious people to get away from trying to sell this line because lets be real no one is buying it.Except perhaps the far left....

joe2 said...

iain,have you any knowledge/experience of what you are talking about?

Sounds like you are working from a script. All the best.