Thursday, December 14, 2006

Greens New Upper House Power.

Labor 19 seats
Libs 15 seats
Nats 2 seats
Greens 3 seats
DLP 1 seat

Final and complete results for Victorian 2006 election. An excellent result for Greens despite typical misleading bi-partisan attacks. Labor loses control of Upper House. Victoria may yet get an end to logging in water catchment areas.

And just in case you were wondering, the lone DLP member looks like this. Will Labor call upon him to pass legislation and incur the wrath of the older party faithful who see the DLP as "sectarian snakes"?

Steve Bracks deserves a pat on the back for introducing these real reforms to the Legislative Council that have finally come to fruition. Maybe there is a little bit of refineing to do around the edges but Victoria now has a far more democratic house. "The biggest changes in its 150 years history" is a fair boast and introduced by politicians knowing it would reduce their power. A minor miracle, you would have to say.


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