Friday, December 29, 2006

New Years Resolution.

The guy has completely lost it.

The President says the American troops safety is always on his mind and that their welfare is a top priority. That is most reassuring.

"The troops, as we head into 2007, people always ask me about a new year's resolution, my resolution is that they'll be safe." His quote from here.

No George, that is not a resolution. It may be a 'wish' or a 'hope' but not a resolution. If you were to resolve not to say something dumb in '07 that would be a resolution but sadly an impossibility. A resolution could be made to bring the troops home before next Christmas. You could even work on simple sentence construction in the New Year, instead of making matters worse in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

He's either 1) still drinking or 2) completely isolated.

joe2 said...

Either way (or other) he is a great concern to all of us. Nice that you dropped in jledmiston and good that we do not let these people, Howard included, have too much power over us.