Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Anti-American".......... Who, us?

Prominent American philanthropist and manipulator, Rupert, 'the hun', Murdoch, has warned Australians to keep a lid on it. "You should know, by now, where your white bread is buttered", he told a hand picked group of sycophants in Sydney last night. Conceding that George Bush was a "complete idiot", "who wouldn't know how to do his own shoe laces up, if he ever wore them", it was important, that Australia kept "crawling" because there was too much to lose.

Prime Minister Howard welcomed Ruppys comments and explained that he was also attempting to change ships. Though he said it might be difficult in the short term, since he had, "moved so far up the Bush arse that it might be hard to extricate myself", in a timely manner before the next Australian election, "without poo on my face". He went on to point out that his involving Australia in the very unpopular war in Iraq, was the crowning achievement of his Prime Ministership. He had shown the population ,conclusively, that he "didn't give a fuck about their opinion" and only he is the one who is going to define 'terrorism' and 'democracy'.
If people didn't like it, they should "go and live in some crackpot commie dictatorship like Cuba and see how they like it", he went on to clarify.

Exclusive E.A.J. newswire report.


brokenleg said...

you are not allowed to critique GWB or Rupert because that is anti-american.
It's the new PC. get with the program.

brokenleg said...

PS Glasshouse is on. Time to watch some stuff that is sooooo Politically incorrect, it has to be taken off air.

Arthur_Vandelay said...

It's the new PC.

That PC has been around for some time now.

It's also politically incorrect to bash "aspirationals."

joe2 said...

Does that make it the post-new pc, PC?
Arr, who cares,they are both dickheads anyway. And promise not to spare the aspirationals in their crappy 'McMansions'....... known to me as 'Boganvillas'.