Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Saga continued...........

This link to a thread on Club Troppo (scroll to top to read 'A blogger the culprit' by Ken Parish) fills in a few details that some may have missed in the second and third episode of Maynelining Poison Dwarf. Two new characters have been introduced to the plot........ Kerr the younger and caustic bloghead who makes a guest appearance in comments.

While we are at it, I wish to mention the good foot work of the floor manager, seen in the picture, who was the real hero in episode one. His 'dance with the inebriated' was something to behold. If another individual deserves an apology/bravery award he does. Wrestling with aggressive drunks is always a brave call.

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brokenleg said...

Milne is the disgrace. not only did he physically attack mayne, he defamed him later to justify his attack.
The bloke should be fired. He gives journalism a bad name.