Friday, November 10, 2006

Gesture Politics®

Yesterday was difficult for John Howard as the implications of the U.S. mid term elections results filtered through to him and his hangers on. Clearly shaken, he moved from not providing free cervical cancer vaccinations for young women to guaranteeing them in the afternoon.*

Committed as he was 'to moving on' , 'going forward' and 'not being stuck in the past', he could not save himself himself from launching an all new , patent pending , branch of the horrible art. Get ready for it folks -----------we now have "Gesture Politics".

Donald Rumsfeld has been a great Orsralyan friend and his ol' buddy, George dubbya , only dismissed him just as 'gesture'. If you believe that , he also has a few suggestions about how you can keep your interest rates low and "I've been a greenie all along" and "some of my best friends are Muslim".


Unsane said...

Yes, I noticed the morning after the US results came, in suddenly women got their cervical cancer preventative on the national health system and the asbestos suffers had their tax department ruling overturned. Thank you America!

joe2 said...

Gardasil is the first vacine against cancer and sounds like a goody,unsane. Looks like a bit of movement in David Hicks case, also happened, at the same time too. Maybe thats more to do with local lobbying of Premiers than events in US.