Monday, November 13, 2006

In the Name of Love. (Free David Hicks)

An international incident is in the making if a meeting between John Howard and Pope Bono fails to eventuate. Ever the politician to zoom in on the yoof vote -the 35 to 50 age group- the PM will not ,however, bow down to uppity pop stars who come into our country and think they can tell us something.

"I thought I heard him say that unless I am prepared to commit in advance to certain things there was no point in seeing me," Mr Howard said.

"Well, I don't commit in advance to businessmen and I certainly don't do it to high grade Irish entertainers."

Note well, those last four important words......"high grade Irish entertainers". There is still hope. He has not stopped crawling.
They have so much to share and John has found a spanking new website to interest the rock 'n' roll superstar.

Bono wishes to discuss the poor level of Australian foreign aid, which is currently only 0.3 of GDP. His wish is to have that increased to 0.7 ; not a big ask, one would have thought. More problematical is the stars expressed wish that David Hicks be freed from Guantanamo Bay. That would require the exercise of natural justice, in this case. Something that the ex-suburban lawyer, seems totally incable of understanding. He has said..........

"Because it was not a criminal offence at the time that the activity took place to train with Al Qaeda.............................

.........we do not intend to pass retrospective criminal laws. That would represent a very significant regressive move and it would violate the basis of our criminal justice system."

This bloke has been kept without trial for nearly five years by the Americans. Not making a big deal about THAT is 'regressive'. And if training with Al Queda was NOT an offence at that time, in Australia, bring him home. Remembering that it hasn't been established that he is guilty of the crime that wasn't one when he didn't commit it. Where is Rummy when you need him?

Go Bono and Amnesty International are running A PETITION on behalf of David Hicks to the P.M.......... and tanks to Ron and Susoz.

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