Monday, December 12, 2005

Slightly, Time Out.

Apology, that I have not posted recently. So much stuff to think about and wondering why, I bother to blog. Remember, that I only started this persuit because some sites required my membership of "Blogger", as a chance to make a comment.

Have enjoyed the company of many friends over this trying year. Blogroll has never been provided, because I would not know how to do it anyway. To the people have who provided comments/support, thankyou very much. Especially, Brownie and Suki.

A little plug for this blogger because he/she is so wise and bloody good . My inspiration from a long time back! Mind you, beware of Harold Hark. Thankfully, now an expat.


Ron said...

Does this mean you are giving up the blog, Joe?

I have only just 'met' you and hope you are not going to disappear from the blogoshere altogether. You're welcome at my 'joint' whenever you're in the neighbourhood.

Thanks for the link to Bilegrip. I was a great fan of SCATT and was sorry when Harold quit. I didn't know he had come on the 'Net again.

joe2 said...

Sorry,Ron,don't get back to this blog "joint" much. Great to hear your comments and have no plans to vapourise from the blogospere.Its been a big learning curb for this newish blogger in this more than crappy political year.Just in introspective mode,as one does.
Thrilled that someone else had read the amazing Harold Hark.

Ron said...

I've been blogging on and off for a couple of years or so, Joe, and when things political etc are quiet then so are the blogs.

One of the busiest blog times was around the election of the pope.

Our elders were right when they said we shouldn't politics, religion or sex. But really they were wrong 'cause it would be so boring!