Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Don't be Evil"

The motto/house statement of "Google" and owner of ,"Blogger".

Just hope they can maintain that sought of standard.
We all rely on it.

For an interesting 'Background Briefing' on the subject see......


Ron said...

It is scary, Joe. If anyone bothers to read the fine print in the services Google offers, not just the search engine but email, images etc, they will be shocked at the tentacles this business has.

PS That is one sickening piccie of Santa!!

joe2 said...

Thanks ron, will attempt to come up with more xmas images.Just, to get everybody in the right mood.

Will you?

The,"sickening piccie of Santa!!", was provided by google/image under 'evil'.

P.s ,if you get the time, listen to the link ,on site,about 'google'.

Jury out on that one. They may yet prove friendly,with encouragement.