Friday, December 16, 2005

Hippy shit and shameless Plug.

See link for a great festival that I have visited more than a few times. Not sure, I will be able to visit this year, but a great antidote for Chrissy grief. The history of this relaxing,well organised event, goes back to Uncle Jim Cairns. Good veg food,some nudity,great river and get used to pooing quick and loveing flies.

Thanks to 'Mountain Murmers' for the idea. Promote stuff you like,have no financial interest in,and just want to see it remain.
The happy folks above, are from google image/'hippy'.


Ron said...

Thanks for the plug, Joe. :-)

When I resurrected my blog a week or so ago, I decided that I was no going to concentrate on politics. I want to have fun, promote my interests with no expectation of financial or any other gain. I don't know the history of blogs but I think they were originally more along the line of personal diaries.

Nothing wrong with concentrating on politics, of course, it's just that, in my case, it means I am always stressed swimming in the sewer of society's problems.

Ron said...

Back again!

Just finished reading about Confest and that sounds really interesting. I've never been to anything like that. I think I would have to wear clothes though: I wouldn't want to put people off their food and other pastimes! ;-)

joe2 said...

Ron, I am with you on the fun side of a blog. Politics is a double edged sword. Hilariously funny and depressingly grim. Have never seen this country, as a whole,so far to the right. More the reason for humour.
On "Confest",it is a very diverse bunch. A lot of the stuff weird to my judgemental mind. Still,it has always amazed me, how so many people can get together,in a confined space and share idiosyncrasies without too much pain.
On the nudity.... A 'nudist colony',it is not. Always loved the opportunity for a skinny dip myself and can tell you, there are lots of shapes and sizes that get over 'giving a damn', after a day or two.