Monday, December 26, 2005

Music,artz and Sportz!

This is where the blog is going, at the moment.

Have, had, enough of boreing politicians. A small time to talk about other things. A challenge, to all, about their most favourite music, this year. Great Art? Love to see pictures. Favourite recipes? Ricky Pontings best innings\please not. More,slighty time out.

Update: Vale Kerry Packer and 'cliche' special. According to the P.M., he was a 'great orstralian' and "larger than life". (And promised not to talk of boreing politicians, but could not resist. ) Mr Lefty has posted well,see below, at the 'demise of an aussie icon', 'before the first sod has been turned'. Any other cliches that come to mind, or heard, would be most appreciated. May not Kerry, bully more.

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