Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who can it be Now?

"Because free societies are open and tolerant, because we respect every life and mourn every loss, the terrorists have concluded we are decadent in spirit, weak in character and conquerable". * says Dick Cheney.

"Defeat in Iraq for the United States of America will present my children with a vastly different, less secure world than they face today and under no circumstances should we allow ourselves, if you like, to lose morale muscular and to step back from this" said Defense Minister Nelson recently on Lateline.

These two quotes are interesting because of the similarities....... stand strong and muscular in the face of the enemy, lest you show yourself to be somehow weak and morally inferior. Nelson seems to be just parroting this wacky neo-con/fundy thinking that he has learnt on his trips to 'new homeland'.
Cartoon is by the great Mr Fish.

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