Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bizarre, Really.

John Bellinger, the legal adviser to the US Secretary of State, admitted Guantanamo Bay had become "a lightning rod for criticism that threatens our record on human rights" and it was important to try to counter this. It is how he is going about it that is very weird.

Mr Bellinger said he did not believe it was a violation of Mr Hicks's human rights to be held in Guantanamo Bay for five years without charge, and the Australian was "more than just an adventurer".

And if that leap wasn't enough to bend the mind of anyone still thinking straight after a possible psyops operation I refer you to the slurred words of Sir Henry Casingbroke who mentioned the same Fairfax report when he commented at Larvatus prodeo.........

"Shurely shome mishtake? John Bellinger, the legal adviser to the US Secretary of State, according to today’s SMH, defended Hicks’s trial process as fair and denied Hicks was being charged under a retrospective law. But then he is also quoted saying - in mitigation of US action re Hicks - that there were tribunals using offences that were “obviously put down on paper much later than the conduct actually that was in question”. Is this man a habitual drunk? Or is it just a shortcoming in processing a logical train of thought? This is a legal adviser to the US Secretary of State?! Perhaps I am missing a legal subtlety here. I invite the legal geniuses at Catallaxy to please explain this one."

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