Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Take that!

" As for the rest of your splutter, it seems to bear out my suspicion that libertarianism is the characteristic prejudice of very clever but not very wise young men without spouses or children who have yet to resolve their existential angst about the fact that they were born from women’s wombs, that they were helplessly dependent on their mothers’ breasts and subject to their mothers’ guidance during their earliest years, that they will one day age and die (and have to have their bums wiped for them in nursing homes in the final stages of their existence), and that they and their fellow rationally self-interested utility maximisers in their beloved market economy are still just animals in an ecosystem and when it dies back they will die back with it".

From larvatus prodeo comments.


The Editor said...


Surely he/she's taking the piss.


joe2 said...

I do not think so 'the editor'. He sees him as "clever" but cannot stand his scene.