Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Not relaxed or comfortable!

When John Howard came to power, he promised a more relaxed society,where people would be able to watch the cricket,without concern ,for what is happening in the world. The "war on drugs" and "terrorism", has proved a disaster ,let alone his close connection with George 11. He,at least, is happy to watch the cricket while one of his citizens swings. See

His ambivalence on capital punishment,suggests he will be happy to introduce it here,soon. We should pull out of a 'free trade agreement', with Singapore, until they are prepared to consider basic civil rights.


Brownie said...

The death penalty is clearly NO DETERRENT. The USA has executed 300 offenders in the past 30 years in the 38 states which have it; China executes about 30 per day. It is not a deterrent. A prison sentence would serve the purpose of punishing Van Nguyen. Sanctions in protest are too late - Singapore has been systematically purchasing Australia for some time - the Meter Reader told me they now own Origin Gas in Victoria.

joe2 said...

Brownie,are you sure about 'Origin Energy'? Have tried to check today, but could not be certain. 'Optus',for sure, and obviously ,'Singapore Airlines'. Cleary,you have to connect trade with human rights and have had guttfull of hearing the need for separation by pious politicians.
Thanks for comments.