Friday, November 11, 2005

Go now, John Howard.

Time to move on. Allow a new generation to have their say. If we have to accept Costello as P.M., let's go for it. Suspect, he is not a racist. But ,may be wrong. Listen below to Fraser, (and Gough), who points the finger at the junior minister and why things have moved the way they have.


Kieran said...

John Howard likes his job, he never wants to step aside. In previous election campaigns Labour was wrong to run to highlight the so-called possibility of accidently electing costello, they should have highlighted that Howard will never voluntarily leave, and that if Australian's keep voting for him, he will remain forever.

Scare voters with the thoughts of Howard clinging to power to counter the Liberal propaganda that the oppisition leader sucks (either has no ticker or is a learner) and past election results may well have been different.

Its a rare thing to meet anyone, even a liberal, who actually likes Howard. People who voted for him because they didn't want to risk the other guy, they exist a plenty.

joe2 said...

Thanks for your comment,kieran and sorry for long delay. Costello will go for it in about 3 months, in my reckoning. Suspect, he will prefer to go out on a so called 'high', than hang in for the legislation on ir and terrorism to take effect.

Anonymous said...

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