Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bombs to hit, near Katherine.

As part of an agreement with the U.S., we have become a bombing range for B52's. How good is that? The deal is, we subserviently allow a bit of dumping of goods from Guam and then they turn around and go home. The Japanese did a little bit of this stuff during the second world war.

Now it gets little media and Senator Hill, Defense Minister ,does not need to even explain. Depleted uranium,who cares? Beautiful country destroyed and a few stealth bombers,no doubt. Isn't it great to live in an independent,democratic country?


Brownie said...

When our Blogger Party runs Australia, the first thing we do is chuck the septics outta the outback. We form the Blogger Party before the next election. All we need is 500 members and a $350 rego fee. We run our entire campaign online at zero cost. When we don't win, we get a grant of $500,000 and we 500 split it. easy peasy. we do not Go To Jail like Pauline Hanson did though.

Davo said...

Jeepers, ya hafta be careful what ya say these days
or the yanks send in the airforce, gulp.

joe2 said...

Nice to hear from you. How extraordinary to be picked up by a blog, in the Phillipines, by an American patriot. Enjoyed that story,largly.
About flags. Not really into them. If we had to have one, would prefer it revised every month with an indication of which other country owns, what part of it.
Will you chip in for a "Bloggers Party"? Thanks, Brownie for your suggestion. Better odds than tatts and 'do not go to jail'. Mind you,suspect,the only folks who do not go to the 'sin bin', are members of the lib party.