Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Right is Right.

I know this is already a popular piccie around the blogs, but I could not resist it, either. For a start, it makes me laugh. Apart from the obvious joke about the slogan ....you couldn't disagree that Howard and co are right wing and plan to take it further. Ha ha. Look at that facial expression. No sign of arrogance there. Guess who just swallowed the latest Galaxy Poll?
Let's start with last Fridays Roy Morgan Poll.
"A recent telephone Morgan Poll finds that 57% of Australian electors think Australia is “heading in the right direction”, while 32% think Australia is “heading in the wrong direction” (11% can’t say).
Eighty-four per cent of those who intend to vote for the Coalition Government at the upcoming election think Australia is heading the right direction, compared to just 43% of ALP supporters. Forty-six per cent of ALP supporters think Australia is heading in the wrong direction compared to just 7% of Coalition supporters."

How's that for coincidence? Rodent appears behind a slogan based largely on a poll question.

The Galaxy poll result is the most encouraging sign that the Liberals have had for ages. It's a big jump in popularity and helped rouse the troops at the weekend Liberal Party National Council. If you wish to see the way the questions are framed, for this poll, see here. I'ts worth remembering who commissioned this work. There is no independent motive. In fact it reeks of a tool to help swing things back in the right direction.

The great photo is by Peter Morris. For other blogs with this picture or on this topic see.....Bilegrip, Anonymous Lefty and Broken Left Leg.

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