Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Intelligent Design Proof 11

Just in case there is still a little smear of doubt , amongst the few sinners left, put this on your toast and eat it. Chuck Missler is very convincing on the subject. Hit peanut butter and praise the lord.


Arthur_Vandelay said...

Ah, the Argument from Peanut Butter. It never fails.

joe2 said...

Arthur, as a clear point of discussion/argument, it is so bloody well convincing. Yum.

We caught and transported, to a nearby park, a whole colony of mice, from our house, with the use of the 'peanut butter bait'.

We are wondering if our sense of relief, is in any way similar to English householders who were happy to see the end of those belligerent, holier than thou, bible bashing bastards, that pissed off to the Americas, a good while back.

And now seem to rule the United States of America. The buggers now have financial control of 'the vegemite' and will be thinking of new ways to help the fundy cause with our own aussie essence.

Any suggestions to counter this dangerous new threat will be accepted. Apart from our Michel Onfray..garlic.. secret weapon.

Anonymous said...

How come ,no recipes on this site?

joe2 said...

We are working on a recipe, anonymous, that is brilliant. But more likely to please agnostics than atheists.