Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Employers Unions to Suck Up.

So it looks like the The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or other employer unions are planning advertisements to help out John Howard on the workchoices front. Still, some employers are successfully plugging for the Labor party, if you follow the stories that Surfdom and Bilegrip drew attention too after the Priceline decision, mentioned in a previous post.

The latter is dynamite in an election year and just reinforces well founded perceptions that the ordinary joe in the street has been shafted by new industrial relations deforms. The best form of advertising...costs nothing and has that ring of truth about it.

Julia Gillard pokes her head up and warns business unions that it might not be to their advantage to run a campaign and woe is she. She was just doing them a favour. It is they and Ruppys yes men that are on the nose and the public can smell it a mile away.

A fair days pay for a fair days work has been transformed into "take it or leave it, shit head". It must be said that the government probably imagined the fuller implications of their policy would not come into effect until after the election. When they could bed it down properly. Such is the greed/stupidity of certain bosses that they could not even hold out that long and let Johny off the hook.

Joe Hockey has been left holding a can full of rodents poo and not sure where to empty it. The last thing you would want is the leaking of information that the ordinary punter is being screwed bigtime. Fade to employers unions-predominantly big business- who are really really upset that bad Kevin is going to make things intolerable for small business. Balless bastards can't even come out and say who they really represent.

Paul Keating is left to nail Hendy and Dunlop because the media can only jump around in shock and awe that the business community have universally damned Labors planned mild, IR, changes. Fair suck of the sauce bottle, I say.

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