Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Budget Night Rant.

Right now, cartoonists around Australia are drawing ‘pork barrels’ with Cossie, sitting on one, with a tiny little tale. It is to their drawings I will be looking too, for balance. It will not be the conga line of suckholes, that pretend to be the ‘balanced’, press gallery.

If Labor were to win the Federal election, which is still unlikely, given the extreme advantages of incumbency and ‘the win at all costs’ mentality of those born to rule…… a fine chance, will be available, to twig the relationship between the Fed boss, who holds all the cash and options, and his almost employees, the premiers.

Presently, the states have all the important roles to fill, but are hampered, by the flash, fully paid up Prime Miser , who will squander around 15 billion to provide fine driving experiences for those lucky enough to be RAAF pilots; while many old codgers sit at home, in pain, and are unable to get their teeth fixed.

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