Friday, March 02, 2007

Masters of War rhetoric.

What do you do when a report comes out suggesting that your drug policy is failing the people it is supposed to be there to serve? Deny the evidence of course.

"Now is not the time to be wavering in the war on drugs by embracing harm minimisation over a tough-on-drugs approach."

Despite the fact that members of your own party have seen the need for change you battle on like some shell shocked veteran who cannot see the woods for the trees. It's not working Christopher Pine . Just like the war on terrorism the war on drugs is an abject failure.

People are avoiding seeking help for addictive behaviour due to a fear of criminal sanctions. All you can come up with, from your protected liberal cocoon, is war like rhetoric similar to 'we'll fight them on the beaches' Brendan Nelson.


joe2 said...

New Blogger is playing up or the temp computer is the prob. Cannot edit{Pyne not Pine}or provide a link, but thought to publish anyway.

Cannot be sure when next post will be up. Cheers

patrick said...

The other thing is - despite the token gestures - Australia's policy always has, and always will be Harm Minimisation. Tough On Drugs is pure spin, nothing more, and for a good reason.

Harm minimisation works.