Thursday, March 29, 2007

Female Orgasm Special.

Norman Swan, the cheery bloke on the right, of ABC's Health Report, interviewed Beverly Whipple on a subject of extreme human importance.
We are talking about pleasure here. And if you had any doubts about the reasons for orgasm it's worth reading her obvious, but sadly widely unconsidered, words.........

"The reason you have this is because it feels good and it's pleasurable. And I think that we have to start talking about pleasure so much more. And I don't know in your country, in Australia, if pleasure is valued, but here it's not in the United States. If you look at it, there are over 100 words for pain in the English language, and we can talk about pain. But there are only about 20 words for pleasure in the English language, and here in the United States, we can't talk about pleasure, we can't get funding for looking at what is pleasurable. But we can for pain. So I think it's very revealing about our country in terms of the value placed on pleasure, which is very little."
Beverly is a great communicator and is at the forefront of present sexual research. If the female ejaculation or g-spot is of no interest to you do not venture into the now available transcript or listen to this great report. I listened to and read ,very carefully, every word. So much pain around and if that was the only reason we ended up on this planet, as many powerful life haters would have you think, I would have cut my throat long ago. Go forward and be enthralled here.
And it does not go without saying that we are still very lucky to have Radio National......for brain stimulation.

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