Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm..

Two matters over the the last few days have brought me to, yet again, wonder about the so called 'upcoming talent' in the Liberal Government. Sen Ian Campbell , Federal Environment Minister/birdy saver, made a guest visit to Auntys A.M. to be quoted thus .........

"There are huge benefits to WA and the Australian economy from mining uranium, the world is hungry for it. The Princeton University have developed a study that shows that nuclear power will contribute or can contribute around about a billion tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement per year towards the seven billion tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement we need to stabilise greenhouse gas emissions and save the planet. And so it is really quite obscene for a government to be sitting on a resource that can make a substantial contribution to that climate change challenge".

Oh just fine and dandy Sir, but wasn't it the policy of the government that global warming was not necessarily happening and if it was, it would be very questionable that greenhouse gas emissions had anything to do with it. You know, it's all just Al Gores' personal opinion.

Upcoming talent and ministerial sidekick Greg Hunt has also used the silly season to jump up and enlighten A.M.s listeners. It has sunk in to him - and boy what a surprise - that if you provide important and most necessary employment opportunities for people, their health and society improves. Wow, this guy is a fast learner.

"We weren't expecting a social impact, but what we're finding is, where people are doing meaningful work in remote Indigenous communities, there's been a decrease in domestic violence, a decrease in drug and alcohol and other substance abuse and an increase in social cohesion".

Job creation for work that needs to be done and not 'work for the dole' is about giving back an individuals dignity.


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