Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Pox on Air Conditioners.

This is the comment I left on the esteemed John Quiggin blog concerning one of my great summer dreads.

"Air Conditioners……Another great curse of our time. Not only are they the great spoiler of the suburban quiet they are risking the fair distribution of electicity to us all.No probs with their use for the old and infirm but cannot see for the life of me why these big guzzlers are given greater priority than my right to have a few lights and a critical fridge running.I was without power for 4 hours recently and I am not so stupid to believe it was the bushfires but the overwhelming demand of these unnecessary status symbols.

I would love to see air conditioner become both quieter and with enough complimentary and compulsory solar panels to cover their use. So the rest of us, who still know how to open a window, do not have to pay for more coal burning generators or peak load, rip offs."

I have added a picture of a house designed by architect Beni Burnett in Darwin from 1939. A little more can be found out about him here. Makes you wonder how much we have learned about designing for the weather conditions we live with, doesn't it?

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