Friday, October 19, 2007

Political Droppings

I have been reliably informed, since cleaning the sand out of the sedan, after the recent fishing trip, that an election has been called for Australia. Indeed, the country has been thrown into caretaker mode. It got me to thinking how great it would be if we lived in a democracy and rabbits.

Some members of The Chaser Team joined our glorious leader on his morning walk. Boy, was he grumpy. He has never shown any sign of a sense of humour but reckons that they are "a lot funnier when they pick on someone who is alive". Since Howard is technically still alive, men dressed up as rabbits, chasing him, and wondering when he is going to "pull a rabbit out of the hat", is actually very funny because he is such a natural straightman. Video and story.

Funnier still is Chasers' "top blokes after death" that stirred up a bi partisan squirm. Neither of our prospective leaders could cop it. It has to be some of the most edgy, clever, satire you will see.

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