Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Higher Plane

Says Simon Bowes from the British Airports Authority, operators of Heathrow, that the protest is "naïve" and further...

"If you look on, at what they're talking about this week, it's a version of sustainable living which involves no one going on holiday, veganism (phonetic), compost toilets and the end of capitalism, and I just don't see that that's a vote winner over in the UK, or in the rest of the world."

This bloke is the complete diplomat. The sought you need if you want to ark up WW3. It gets better. The powers that be most stupid are planning to invoke terrorism laws to quell this domestic protest. Yep, their idea is to deem it a terrorist activity. There are lots of interesting links/ pictures to this story, so I have no plan to give any more details.

Just saying, though, that what is happening there is likely to happen here. People have real concerns about climate change and aeroplanes are big polluters. They quite reasonably believe that world leaders are dragging their feet and want to let them know, predominantly, in a peaceful manner. When they are seen as terrorists for exercising their democratic rights it becomes clear who the legislation was really really drafted for. Not Bin Laden and co but to control the population.

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