Monday, July 23, 2007

Haneef Up the Flagpole.

Howard and co have satisfactorily tested the fear factor and law and order. The little noticed, recent Morgan poll will give them hope. It showed clearly that the spook factor is still alive, well and working. Grabbing on to the right sought of issue, at the right time, might still work to get them over the line.

Important for their chances is a compliant press. This appears to have faded, a little, presently, under the force of facts and a history catch-up. Media tarts like to be on the side that wins and know manipulation , at the correct moment, can swing an election. Editorials will be cheering on the little dictator when the time is right, with the bound and gagged Aunty flailing in all directions.... forced to present Ruppy's lead line, while Fairfax does what's best for the shareholders and prepared for the carving.

APEC is Howard country. Australia on the world stage with visiting indignitaries like his great mate, shrub. All happening in Sydney. Guaranteed a large local protest community with the added advantage of an overseas contingent. We are are looking at serious huffing and puffing opportunities.

A major crisis in the wake of this meeting, with helicopters whirling, huge numbers in jail and Labor supporting a strong stand against 'good for nothing' radicals, troublemakers and extremists. Plus a peppering of a possible Al-Queda plot against Sydney , just uncovered... no chance for investigations into why the police acted so pre-emptively to clear the streets. Yep, terrorism laws might easily provide the type of cover that Howard needs to pull in that crucial strong leader vote.

He has the perfect stage for a quick, dumbed down, election.

Update.... the follow up to the Morgan poll and Haneef pick up, via a most reputable oz journo, who has inside knowledge on everything Howard loving.


Free Dr Haneef said...

I'm tipping the next poll won't be so favourable for Howard.
this one will was taken before the Haneef investigation really headed south, and howard and his cohorts will now have a severe cred problem on national security.
Those scared into supporting howard over Haneef will quickly change back, and plenty of small L's will be disgusted enough to change sides as well.
It is true that people will jump when howard says BOO. The PM just has to do it closer to the election before anything can be evaluated thoroughly.

joe2 said...

free dr haneef, todays Newspoll is some reflection of the 'botched job' that Howard and co managed in the Haneef arrest.

The point I was attempting to make, in the post about the Morgan poll, is that an extremely desperate government would have noticed that their stocks rose , albeit briefly, when they play 'hardball' on terrorism.

A failed test run?

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