Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gunns at Head.

A new touchstone in business efficiency seems to have been achieved in Tasmania with the major logger , Gunns , moving into the business of drafting government legislation. This is a plan that will undoubtedly be applauded by all right minded individuals and think tanks. It has been far too clear, in recent times, that the interests of the voting public are standing in the way of the profit making ambitions of major companies.

Premier Lennons' new benchmark will undoubtedly spread through to all ministries and other states. Companies need merely frame appropriate legislation and fast track it through parliament. None of those fussy, old , hold ups about environmental issues, conflict of interest and health concerns. Or annoying politicians who get in the way of progress. They have fine legal teams that just get stymied by nit picking, long-haired, smelly, dole bludgers. Who gives a stuff about bloody trees, anyway, when they can be cleared and turned into sensible , right thinking newspapers?
And if they don't like it, Gunns have other lawyers to keep them engaged for the rest of their bloody lives. How could those bastards say bad things and eat into shareholder dividends, anyway? Damn it, sense is starting to prevail in this ungrateful hole of a 'country'. Soon to be called Corporation.

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