Sunday, October 02, 2005

Another sad event in Bali.

How sad is it that the Balinese have been hit ,again.

Not a time to deny a dollar to these great people.
My suggestion is, continue to travel there. If you have visited, you will understand the complexity of their situation. Also, the learning, so close to our shores, about death and dying. Still reckon it is relatively safe.

Remember, that it is not just Australians who have died and are injured. Media spin will focus on our own great loss. Totally horrible as it is , catch up on the toll in Iraq. Only time you hear about that, is when you watch S.B.S. news.

Am I still allowed to suggest there may be some connection?


leftvegdrunk said...

Very sound point about how severly the Balinese people will be hit by this. And so far - admittedly only a few days later - you're right about the local media's response.

joe2 said...

Thanks, dirtbike option.

Yesterday, in Iraq 22 were killed and 77 injured. Obviously,not much press for that one. Any connection with the civil war that has broken there, and our part in the invasion is evaded by popular press.

But, guess you knew that ,anyway.

leftvegdrunk said...

Hmm. That Chenkroff character became a darling of the blogging right - the 101st fighting keyboardists - for his "good news from Iraq" blog. Perhaps you could consider a daily despatch of the "real news".

It might take some work to find the information, but once there were a few readers I'd imagine that links would be submitted by others, a kind of news hub for those concerned about what's really happening.

joe2 said...

"Information Clearing House" and "What Really Happened?" are the best American ,up to date,daily,sites that I have seen.

Will pass on all that I hear,there, and local media of deaths in Iraq.

Any other suggestions, dirtbikeoption,and others would be greatly appreciated. Let Australians know about the death toll, outside our little world and our complicity.

Good food recipes are also welcome!