Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sun Set's On Democracy

See, Steve Bracks saying(from left to right), " I love democracy so much,we should give it a go again, in 10 years". Gallop says,"go stevie".
Chief Minister, of Australian Capital Territory, wonders why Paul Lennon makes such bad music now.


Brownie said...

Today I was really upset to see the pictures of an 82 year old Labor Party member getting thrown out of a Labor Party conference in England because he yelled out 'Nonsense' after a remark which was nonsense.
This is the type of suppression which will follow all these new laws. I am more frightened of inept government than I am of 'terrorists.

joe2 said...

I did not see it, Brownie, but heard it. Most concerning, that a few comments about Jack Straw?, would end up with his confinement under anti-terrorism laws.

History here , would suggest,that that our government would make a worse bungle of it.